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Great App Easy to use interface. Well thought out. A few literal translations would be super. Like YLT Young's Literal Great!

Nice job! Would be great if... It would've been great if there was a free NIV upon download. God bless you guys. ;) love it

A fast Bible App...Now with Holman (HCSB)! I've always enjoyed Tecarta because it's fast on all my devices, but up til now, it lacked the Holman version, which I've come to love. Awesome job development team. Thanks for working on my request to add this version. Keep up the good work. Worth a go!

Not bad but needs IOS features I do like this Bible for Android and have bought a number of resources that are available for it. Would love though to see some of the additional features found in the IOS version. My favorite is the option to make it look like a physical book with the page turning animations. PLEASE add this feature and I'll give it 5 stars as well as make it my primary Bible! Go well

Bible App on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Works very well. I especially like the feature of having 2 versions side by side on the screen at the same time. Omg

Great app I have owned several bible apps and this one is the best. Easy to use, easy to switch between versions, easy searching, and easy book marking. A powerful tool! Works perfectly

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