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A very good way to keep track of where you are at in your own personal studies in the Word and of improving your life gives you personal notes on what you have read. I hope everyone will be encouraged to read and learn more about the LORD. Blessed of the LORD in your own personal studies. Fabulous!

Beautifully designed. The concept is wonderful, easy to use with many versions of the Bible. Will pay gladly for about 6 versions love it

Love this Bible App...So many features included...Very useful during my quiet time spending with Jesus.... Surprisingly

It's quite helpful and has a wonderful interface. Makes reading easy. Will gladly request it for anyone Works great

Audio on this app puts you the the location and helps to to picture the events. It's simply the best Go well

I've used this Bible app on a phone, tablet, & Chromebook. It is fantastic. Light and dark themes, highlight, underline, bookmark, margin notes, all synced between devices. They offer a lot of very good resources like commentaries and study bibles. I highly recommend. Worth a go!

Great app for taking the Word with you. I use the life application version as the commentary adds to the scriptures and gives me a better understanding of what I am reading. Brilliant

The only thing I don't like about this app is there's no voice that doesn't sound like a robot, unless you want to stream and burn data. I guess I could buy an audio Bible but I find many of the dramatizations border on disrespect for The Word. Amazing!

So proud of the devs for the latest update. It is buttery smooth, and looks much neater as an app. Love it!! God bless you all. :) Fantastic

Simply excellent! You have done and are still doing a yeoman's job for the Christian community and the world at large. BRAVO!!! Great job

Easy to use. Love the margin notes and swipe to next or previous chapter. Wonderful app. Go well

Have used this bible consistently for upwards of four years or more and find it immensely satisfying. I can take notes and save them in different folders. I can move and rename them at will. It has helped me greatly even in tracking my prayer points and my growth. Superb!

This is my favorite Bible app. I have 7 or 8 translations now, about 4 Study Bibles, and I have highlighted and taken notes. The app is easy to use, and I've never experienced any technical problems with it. I have it on my android phone and on my Kindle. When I had trouble signing in because I had used one password for my Kindle and another one for my phone, tech support fixed my issue quickly so that I was all set for church. (Yes, I use my phone to take notes during the sermon.)I do recommend that you set up an account and sign in, so that all your highlights and notes are saved and easily transferred to a new phone. I highly recommend this app! Surprisingly

This Bible App is perfect for personal study and teaching. it allows you to keep notes and references all in the same place without switching around from place to place in the bible. I put my note points and cut and paste my scripture references right in the notes box at the scripture. The only inconvenience I find is that it has a back button, but no forward button. So, once you go back to a previous scripture you visited, there is no way to go forward without navigating. Other than that, it is a great app and I use it daily! Oh, is there a Tecarta for PC? I couldn't find it. Marvelous

Awesome app. My favoritebible app so far. My only complaint would be the cost of items like study Bibles. Just watch for sales if you purchase anything. Just wow

Love the way I can use it to research many different bible verses. Still having problems with linking directly to my Facebook account though. It needs a center reference column! Fabulous!

Tecarta is by far The Best Bible app. available. The selective ways to Highlight, the Search, the Bible Translations available. I use it daily and hands down there is NOT a better Bible app. Surprisingly

Better than all i have seen in many ways but one big issue, delay in opening verses and chapters. Thanks and more grace 5 star

The quotes don't seem to have any particular guidance behind them, or string of thought, it's like they're just plucking out random quotes and spitting them at you. I would not call that guided studying Just wow

This is the sole bible app I use. Outstanding and offline! Take notes. Share notes you take. Quickly turn to any bible verse! It's the best out there if you ask me. Other apps are not nearly as good. Works perfectly

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