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I love this app. It is easy and adding to your library is affordable. I just wish there was a way to combine the different bibles that I have purchased at different times into one instantiation. Amazing!

I just love this app of the Bible. It let's u make notes and it is very helpful. I like the audio feature as well. Great!

I like this app a lot. It allows me to integrate the text with study notes, and the cross reference ability is outstanding. Worth it!

Wonderful! I am using the AMP translation and it works wonderfully. The text-to-speech is quite decent too, not overly robotic in quality. Actual human voice of course is the best, but this is second. Quite sufficient and am happy. Praise God! Recommend

I have been using this App since its conception. It is my only Bible App and it is my go to for my preaching and teaching as well as my daily study Bible. It is convenient and easy to use ! Pretty good

Best Bible app around. Day to use and has all the Bible version you'll ever need. Perfect!

It is very helpful to support my decision to read the Bible daily. The app has many useful tools. Good

I do my Morning Study's everyday with this Bible. A Great learning tool for me in my walk with Christ. Surprisingly

This is an excellent app. It helps me keep up on my daily devotional and Scripture reading. 5 star

Beautiful display, easy to read, highlights, search option. The best ever. I love it. To the developers, is it possible to add a search icon on the notes page? It would make it a whole lot easier to search through the many notes as opposed to scrolling. Amazing!

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. I can truthfully say I love this app. Can I buy a skill so that my Alexa can quote the Bible? Superb!

I love it. Has everything I'm looking for as a study tool. Let's me highlight specific words if i don't want the whole passage. Very convenient for looking up passages with a keyword. Overall, very pleased. Recommend

YES, This Ready Access 2 The Word Of The Good Book Is A Godsend 2 My PeaceofMind and Spititual Uplift And Unfoldment Not bad

This app I use a great deal. The more I use it, the more I appreciate how it works. Also I love the NASB with Strongs. Great work folks. Fabulous!

My suggestion is not added to this update Dev team hoping in u a lot 2. New suggestion: Requesting to provide an option to bold and underline the text in notes 1. Old suggestion: Search is useful only to search bible words, if search finds the bookmarks, margin notes, notes relevant to the keyword that will make life easy coz now am scrolling through out the notes or margin notes or bookmarks to identify the specific one. Expecting this is next update Omg

Love the app, trial versions of study bibles could be improved. Mine only allows 1 Chapter of a particular book. Other than that great app. Throw in some more options for notes, color, fonts... wow lol

Great bible app. The best one have had. Good for searching scripture. Also being able to highlight verses is a plus. Can name folders to separate topics. If you setup a account and change phone or devices your info can goto the next devices. I'm on my 4th phone and still have my original lessons Must have

Awesome app! Yet to find another that can serve me better. For now this is one of the best. As a senior pastor and president of our ministry, I usually recommend this app to the brethren, relatives, friends and colleagues. It is user friendly... 5 star

Wonderful app! Ability to purchase any translation, study, devotional bibles. Easy cross reference, amazing readability and wonderful ability to sync notes and bookmarks to website that's in development on the web. Well worth the download! Muito bom!

Best bible app, also very easy and best for taking notes while preaching in progress, daily verses and reading... you name it, it got all covered, so again, its the Bible app , also I prefer kjv... 1st from original manuscript copies... Highly Recommend.

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