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Its been a good time waster. I am tired of the constant adds asking me to spend 40 to 100 bucks but of you ignore thoses its a good game. Not bad

The only issue I have now is when I try to tap to start it's not starting anymore. Please fix this bug 5 star

There is something wrong with the. Free mysterious cards and creation won't load when I click...i thik free video section is bugging Fabulous!

Fun game which will keep you entertained for hours. The game gets exceedingly better with each update too, I highly rate this game. Good

Sometimes it's hard to learn to stick up for the sonogram and prayers because of what happened in the morning Marvelous

Turn based with levels and promotions. I love the fact that you can level up your characters by fighting Muito bom!

i think its very addictive so i hope this gets alot of 5 stars form other people Recommend

This game is on level with Dungeon Boss. It's a great game if you need to waste some time in the dr's office. I would give it 5 stars but just like other games like this the stamina is a problem. Good

Just getting into it but so far it seems fun. More variations and easier leveling would make this a huge hit. Pretty good

despite very minor bugs. and i mean minor. this game is very enjoyable. with their nods to well known super heroes and engaging fights i would recommend this to any one. Must have

Pleas fix tha game while i'm playing and my internet is full and the games say error 5 star

It's been an awesome game so far yal keep giving me cool heros the gameplay is smooth but quick question.. does this game have an offline mode? If so that'd make it even better Omg

Great game so far!!! Enough graphics and pretty good with characters but lacks diversified moves for different attributes of same type Heros!! Need a little story too!! It's like the game just started and go kill enemies. It never say why we shoulf do that!! And make a story line too!!! Else!! Good Awesome

I'm trying to save my account via Google but it keeps giving me an error. Other then that it's fun so far and just bought $15 to support the game so hopefully the account error gets fixed soon. Enjoy it!

Great art, awesome upgrades, not riddled with ads, good job developers, worth a look. Cool

Extremely fun, love the knock off characters and not too difficult to play without investing actual money. Gotta go train with Captain Comet. Muito bom!

Awesome graphics,I wish it didn't take so long to level your guys. U know without paying for it. Surprisingly

After a very short while, it turns into a pay to play game. In order to beat harder levels or climb the ranks in PvP you will need to buy. Was fun while it lasted though. Game deleted Brilliant

The cubes are not fair I buyed for 660 gems 10 super cubes and I got just one 4 star hero the super cubes says that u have the chance to get 3 to 5 star heroes after I buyed this 10 super cubes I don't believe that u have a high chance to get a 4 or 5 star hero I am really unhappy about that because it's a funny game but unfair. love it

Great game man! I thinked that this game is boring when i saw it! but when i play,this was awesome! download this awesome game man! Flawless

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