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App is good for a free app. Great explanations, visuals and quizzes. Might not go in depth as some would like but that's a person to person basis. I'm also preparing for an anatomy class I am not in yet so it gives a good job of structuring the information if you have no clue where to start and what direction to head in, in terms of reviewing material. Works perfectly

As a student I don't have to worry about affording a text book anymore. All I needed was WiFi and now I'm all set to distinct in Anatomy & Physiology. Worth it!

It's a nice app but please do remove the unnecessary adds which keeps on popping up at the bottom of the screen Marvelous

This is the most helpful application of all time.This is very very remarkable u know, i can't wait for a better version coupled with plenty of details .Dr.Agbor B Perfect

Great graphics with clear and concise labels. After teaching about the matter, there is a significance article that teaches the importance or how it correlates to real life. Brilliant

Great app! It would be nice if you could add a feature to highlight text as your reading ...for easly recall the second time you read it. Thanks ! Muito bom!

It helped me a lot. And not to sound ungrateful bit I think it would be a nice improvisation if the diagram would be a bit more biggercanf colourful and the content more vibrant. Fantastic

Great app, useful as it provides good detail on anatomy. I do a lot of commuting so this app is convenient for checking my knowledge on the go. Good

Alhamdulillah. It's good. Knowledge should become free. It should spread free. So I think this app helps to do it. Users will be grateful to those persons who are behind this app and it's related website. Video clips may be added. Thank you. Worth it!

I really like it. This app helps me a lot and it's accurate? Spread the love and infos buddies. Goodwill! ❤ Highly Recommend.

This application helps me get As in anatomy ,thank you very much ,please create one for physiology as well ,thank you Awesome

The best app for studying anatomy, I've used a wide range of apps but this one is more convenient than the others plus the quiz feature, makes it more efficient Flawless

Fantastic work, concise but covers all essential concepts and easy to understand but please improve upon your diagram quality. U deserve more than 5 star Not bad

This app is really nice.if u put some videos it becomes more useful .any way thanks for app designer Enjoy it!

Words cannot express the usefulness of this app neither can its wealth o information be over emphasized. Thanks to the brain behind it. Perfect

Better than most Anatomy text books. The best source of anatomy knowledge. Very interactive indeed. Fabulous!

Very impressed by what i have seen so far. The website is even more amazing, especially the 3D model. as a college student who wants to become a physiotherapist, this helps me much better than the textbooks. so thank you so much for your hard work. Works great

The quick quiz won't let me pick the number of questions I want. As soon as I touch the screen, the numbers disappear Enjoy it!

Whenever I stumble upon any topic while preparing for my post graduation entrance test, this app helps me a lot. Great!

Great app! Topics are very nicely divided and the diagrams are so catchy! Very helpful for every learner. Fantastic

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