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I love this because you can design your own tattoos before getting them done you should definitely download Perfect!

Love it great way to see yourself with a tattoo before you get one of the permanent ones. Well done!!

Such a nice app ...after using this I feel like a real tattoo artist...really this is such nice app...I loved it .. Omg

It is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much more good Muito bom!

Easy to use basically set up dumbass proof I do repeat !!!! Remember I said basically lol Marvelous

✨ Perfect

I absolutely love it it's given me heaps of idea's and I've put tats on my photo's of me to give me an idea of what I want and where I want to put them when I have them done for REAL!!! Muito bom!

Make It As Same As Before This Verision is too bad First Was Awesome It Has Many Cracks Design is very bad and not working properly plzz review my comment and make it as same as brfore plz Worth it!

Hmm I didn't really like it because it didn't look so real like normal ones make it real pls Worth it!

Pretty Cool, I used this app to create funny pics with pics off media search for text messages. Plus if u r thinking about getting an awesome tattoo, this has amazing graphic tattoos! I only have one but, wow this makes me want more! Amazing talent! Plus make pics with tattoos without real pressure of getting one! Thanks! Marvelous

It REALLY blows me away at how many spelling and grammatical errors 'slip through the cracks' EVERY DAY! Does every one see the image between the Wolf, and the Flower 2? That is NOT an Angle! It is an ANGEL! And it is a Sword! NOT a Sward?? How about the PUNISHER SKULL, because I've NEVER even heard of the PANISHER Skull?!?!? Perhaps they should take English 101 before they that take Drawing 1?! Wow!! Highly Recommend.

It's awwsum.. but needs more pics under each category.. other than that.. wicked.. Cool

It's okay I guess just needs more cool tattoos and make it more realistic↩ Works perfectly

Nice app, al of my friends was shocked when they see pics and say y I hide tattoos and when I get t Fabulous!

I love this app because in this we can make any of the tattoo n we can write whatever we want n wherever we want to set it. Great!

loved it btw this ny bro account writen my crush he wanted to go out straight away thx who ever made this Well done!!

Very cool be cool app just started but i like it already thanks for being so cool 5 star

It's a pretty cool app and it gave me an idea for a new tattoo so I really enjoyed it Must have

Love it I never new it would be a good filter and I scrolled in the comments to see if you guys said if it is a good filter Highly Recommend.

It's nice but there should be more languages like Hindi and etc and more choices also but it's nice Recommend

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