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Good Like this one as well. Was using simplest reminder pro, that's pretty good also. Would like to see number of days left till a task is due. When you create a task and type it on the blue background it kind of looks odd, maybe it's the theme. Don't like the UI to confirm date and time changes UPDATE. It no longer automatically advises me if a task, only when I open the app

Nice widget to which perfectly matches the ICS theme. 5 star

I love that it follows google's holo theme. Well done!!

One of the highest fidelity task apps for sync with google tasks. Works perfectly

I don't usually mind ads but the ad placement is annoying. Unacceptable

Brilliant app, no Android wear support. If I could mark a task as complete or dismiss it from my watch, this app would be of great use, but for now it's no better than stock alarms. Just wow

Great task / to-do app Syncs and works very well between computer and phone! Great widget, very clear and simple to use. Shame it doesn't have a mosaic view (to see all lists at the same time). Surprisingly

Excellent app Exactly wht i was luking for.. found it aftr installing n deleting atleast 22 othr such to do apps.. giving 4 stars only for 1 reason tht strangely search option is not there which is v v annoying n surprising... d moment they include search option of d task... i m gonna give it 5 stars... Recommend

Missing one feature: Please decouple the Due Date and Reminder dates. For this app to work as a homework list for me, I need reminders a day or two before the assignment is actually due, but I would still like to have the actual due date set for the assignment's entry. love it

Perfectly syncs tasks for multiple accounts between phone and computer. I love that this app can handle multiple gmail accounts, I can switch back and forth between them so I have work lists separate from home lists(my personal gmail account) and so on. Everything lines up perfectly when I open Gmail on my computer and I couldn't be happier. I also appreciate that when I complete a task on one device, it completes on the other without problem. This app is indespensible for my every day life. I also appreciate the new widgets available, as I can now see what's left on my list in an open page on my phone. Developers: I'd love to see a "group all" feature, so that I could open all of my tasks from gmail in one big long list. Or a way to connect "task lists" from two separate accounts. I have a "work" to-do and a "home" to-do, and I'd like to sync the two lists together in one place sometimes so that I can see everything I need to get done in one day. I'd also like to see a Chrome extension with something similar if possible. Thank you for a great app! It really fits my needs. Perfect!

About those repeating tasks What most other users fail to realize is this app is just a tool that connects to GOOGLE tasks. Google does not offer repeating options on their tasks. Yes, it would be nice, but don't fault this developer. Overall, great little app. Google tasks are real simple, so it's not complex. The only concern is it hasn't been updated since August 2013 (writing this review December 2014). So this app may have issues soon with Android 5 when that day comes.. Recommend to take Tasks Free APK

Used it for a while, time to move on I used this app for many months, and it was very useful, but I found myself missing a few features. It's difficult to get an overview of what to do next, if you have a large list. It's helpful to have your task which are due today appear in the status bar, but due dates are not easy to edit, so I would still need to look at the whole list. I found another app which fits my style of to do list better, so I'm uninstalling this today.. Recommend to get Tasks Free APK

Works well I tried all of the top to-do list apps in the Play Store and is easily the best one. The excellent, good looking widget and simple interface are exactly what I was looking for. I would be nice, however, if there was an option to make alarms go off early -- being reminded of a meeting that's at 7 *at 7* doesn't do me much good. Also, it'd be great to see a Lollipop-esque UI update, or even just for the widget as a second choice. Thank you!. Recommend to download Tasks Free APK

Keeps me productive!! I love this app, keeps me on top of tasks across my work and personal accounts and I can seamlessly update tasks from my google calendar and vice versa. This app is a key element of my high productivity!. Recommend to get Tasks Free APK

Great but falls short Hi, have been using Gtasks since 2 years and bumped into your app, looks smooth and the indent feature is great. Also like the fact that one can use multiple accounts, fantastic otherwise, but.... This app does not have a search tool. I have multiple task lists and multiple tasks under each list and I cannot search! Something very basic unless I'm missing something. Also as all others have commented that recurring tasks are not possible. Upgrade these 2 points and for me it's a five star else one as search is a very basic tool required and it's missing.

Best tasker I've tried a few task list apps for Google and this is the best. Note, I don't use scheduled tasks, I use Google calendar for scheduling, which is why I need a good way to sync tablet, phone and pc task lists. Recommend to take Tasks Free APK

Loved it I was shocked to find something called Google tasks but considering Google kind of is leaving it in limbo, I seeked an app to use Google tasks on. I'd like to have this remind me the night before the task is due. Otherwise awesome app.. Recommend to take Tasks Free APK

Best To Do Great UI. Optimized for Android. Great error free syncing with Google Tasks. And it has a free version. For assigning deadlines for each task, currently we can assign time up to a specific minute. This setting can be changed to provide time increments of 15 minutes or 5 minutes at the minimum. Would help prevent scrolling through the entire list.. Recommend to get Tasks Free APK

By far the best. I have tried all other viable to-do-list apps and none are close to being up-to-par with this one. The only thing I'd like to see in future updates is more customizablility with the widget. I run a very minimalistic mono black color scheme on my phone and the dark theme would work perfectly if not for the blue border lines. Thanks developer.. Recommend to take Tasks Free APK

Great, but could benefit from some improvements! At its core, this app works wonderfully: a shell for Google Tasks that allows it to work on a mobile device. I prefer this approach over a completely separate task manager because I use Google Calendar heavily for work, and having my tasks sync up with the calendar is important for me. However, it suffers from the same setbacks that the native Google Tasks has: no collapsible lists, colour coding or ability to set recurring tasks. I wouldn't think these are difficult to implement, but for some reason they've been absent from Tasks since its inception.... Recommend to take Tasks Free APK

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