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it takes forever to load and sucks you don't get to use your hero's or earn coins on adventure Works great

A lot of times when I switch away from the game it reloads and does it often. Kinda annoying otherwise great game. Awesome

The only issue I have with this is that it just takes so dang long to load INTO the game. Can we fix that please? Omg

Love this game, been playing for months, prestiging whenever possible highest lvl ATM is 145 that I've reached. Works perfectly

You need to remove the price for adventure s so people can enjoy the game and the rewards they give you. Awesome

It's not a bad little game this, especially as there's so many others like it, however.. firstly I'd say that the adverts before you even start the game is ever so slightly infuriating, putting off your players before they even start playing is not an ideal way to get us hooked. Maybe just add a "no adverts" in the shop, I'd pay to not have adverts in a heartbeat! Just little things really.. not too bad, could still be better Pretty good

The game is addictive at some points and is kind of hard to keep up with.but the game overall is good and I do suggest you to play this game. Superb!

Best idle tap game yet! Fun to play in down time yet still goes when offline! Good graphics good gameplay good quests and leader boards Perfect!

Great game, but the cost for the adventure chapters is a little pricey. Nicely done! Not bad

Really Great Game This is a great game and I got disappointed when I got to the one that had 73k but I eventually beat it in a breeze.Very good game!!! Awesome

Awesome! (UpDate: V8.2) Still love the game. Hope to see you expand it again I wanna make all the hero's gold. :3 love it

Needs Improvement There needs to more ways to get runes, special events and items, and upgrading the chest. Just wow

The game It could have more options like better spells cheaper upgrades and you could make the game play or the look of the game more stylish and more upgrades for yourself in the game Brilliant

Good game but! This needs way more levels not just for you to leave message on last boss at 280 saying more coming soon. How long has that message been there now are you working on this or not. Stuck now can't even travel back in time anymore so all I can do is fight last boss it sucks. Worth it!

Repetitive and burns through data Fun game but extremely repetitive. Also, the game has used over 1GB of data in less than a week. It went through over 100 MB of data usage without showing a single ad in about an hour of play. Uninstalling. Muito bom!

Super fun. I really like that it's an idle game and I can collect gold when I'm not playing. I work a lot so when I'm not a work I have some gold to upgrade things with. I have my golden dog and man that thing is expensive to level up. Lol. Great!

All right Its OK but costs adds to get money off chests and have to pay real money but it would be better if you cut out both of those problems Must have

Super Addictive Anyone that downloads this game willl for sure get addicted oh by the waybi love the concept of this game I haven't seen it before so to me it's very unique!! Enjoy it!

Awesome but This is a very good game I can see the maker spent there time making this and we'll done but some bugs and it's kinda Laggy please fix Perfect

Love it but one problem It's a little bit bad that you go back to levels to get money but it's like RPG so but this is just me Go well

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