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Hard on your eyes all shy is tiny. But worst - its pointless ,just click million times then restart from beginning and clikck 2 million times ,no story ,nothing ,adventure? Where is it? Ps. Book of passage = instance death... Monsters like 1000000 more levels then you. Go well

Only tap game I've actually stuck with for a while. Has really great graphics, fun gameplay, funny characters, and nice mechanics. It's free so give it a try, as someone who is not a fan of clickers I'd recommend it. Amazing!

I thought this game was steam exclusive, but when my computer broke down I was informed it was on mobile too. Love this game. Go well

Game is great but, the time loop did not work for me, even when I had internet connection. Instead it goes to the loading screen then back to my current run. Takes ages to advance without the time loop bonuses. Recommend

I've played about 5 kongregate games and most are excellent however this one is a little tedious. Way more work for way less reward. At the point I'm making 500k in this game i would probably be in the trillions or quadrillions in realm grinder or adventure capitalist, some of the much better kongregate games. So tedious...... Omg

Simply incredible. Very addictive and entirely unique for a trapper. I love it all right down to the font! The worlds are beautiful, the controls are simple and yet have greater depth, the menus are intuitive. I'd kill for my phone's OS to be this simple and gorgeous, truly. Works great

The display is a little unfortunate in that it is small and won't scale or turn. However, this is my only complaint in an otherwise spotless idle game. Highly Recommend.

Pretty fun I started playing this on pc, I decided to get it on phone too, and it is really well made! Fantastic

addictively fun easy game play. nice graphics. love playing this game. only wish it was easier to see my bonus rewards floating through the air. Omg

B.A! This game is fun and I've only started out. Can't wait to build my characters up! love it

Its not like any other clicker game. It is fresh new and enjoyable to play if you like clicker games Not bad

nice game pretty different system compared to the other games with same theme, having fun playing it Worth it!

It's a fun idle tapper. I've had no issues. Plus, my phone doesn't get crazy hot while I play. Must have

i like the interface - clean and simple. but the chat space in the middle should be taken away, so that the graphics on top can be extended downwards. Works perfectly

Nice gameplay, nice concept, easy time killer. But, having many times to force close and the button sometimes not responsible Works great

Fun game but they split the area you can tap in with buttons like settings so you sometimes tap them by mistake. Worth it!

I liked it better before the update but i still play this game for hours, good game Awesome

It's a good game for it's type, but when it needs an inventory. Or at least an easier to find inventory. I bought a wizards note, and received some rings for coming back after a long time, but everything just drops down to the bottom of the screen and they can't be used. They don't seem to show up anywhere. Amazing!

Does this game still get updates? I havent had any signs of unlocking any hero above tier 4 Perfect!

The game seems to stop all progress at level 39. You can continue improving stats and armor, but no progress has been made toward level 40 at all in a whole day. Still fun though! Go well

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