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I wish I could find a way to delete the adds, I would even pay for it because my toddler grandaughter really loves this app. Worth a go!

My baby girl loves playing with babies and she's only two, so she loved this. I usually just leave her with the tablet, she's usually on YouTube and random stuff Awesome

Its very much nice app. If you have not gone to amusement park ,then here you are. When you sit on the rides of the park it looks as if we are sitting there. And there are that much games that you will get confused. So nice plz download its just amajing. Must have

Good It is an application for kids,so reduce the waste games like boat. We need a clear layout for home screen Perfect

*cute* Good I like the game it is so cute & it is such a nice game for kids love it

Loved it A nice game,the baby is very cute and he talks also very very cute game for kids wow lol

Nice My son play with this app & enjoying but only one issue the baby is not talking love it

Like this game The baby babsy is so cute and it is very nice game for chid but ther is many ads Works great

I Love it Sweet talking baby , with piano , and great games for kids ! I like this game. I love it. I love baby. Omg

Nice but too many ads Nice animations and options but too many ads on every click makes my child frustrated rather than happy... wow lol

I am loving it.this is all in all game.but when the game going intrstly the adds giving irutate. So please decrease the add. 5 star

Better It's OK. but it's not like tom cat. Add is irritating every one....... this is only the drawback Omg

Too many apps for a BABY game!! Other than that my son loves it! But seriously, fire a fame that's for babies..WAAAAY too apps

I never tried this game before Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Flawless

Full of ads It's app for kids not for there please stop ads....uninstalled in 5 mins Must have

it's nice but the icon of games in the sides is annoying. my baby always clicking it while he's playing. Good

I like that game my name is addison I like because it baby and it can talk and I like the way talk because it talks funny and talk weird Marvelous

Ad infested I know you people have to make your money somewhere but having that many ads is plain ridiculous! I spent more time watching videos than I did actually playing the game. It doesn't deserve 1 star but it wouldn't let me go any lower. Worth it!

Wish I wish . we can costomize the baby . . Like the hair ,eye , or the clothes anything Perfect

Great fun for the grandkids and peace for me lol. Perfect!

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