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Everything is good but still need more features like. 1. It will be great if it is online and two real players can play the game. 2. League, championship are limited. If these changes happen in this game. Then this will greatest gaming app. 5 star

Good game for passing time, not very realistic Nice game to play but has wait times if you play League's not a real life kind of game..but nevertheless I keep playing just coz it's a quick one to play and very simple ;) Superb!


Game is good and enjoying. Why I am uninstalling it now is because it is way too easy even in the expert mode. If you have practice, you can win 11-0 with ease. That's the only problem I feel. Not much entertainment Good

Good gameplay Gameplay is good and realistic. Easy to control. One small drawback is that even when being under huge attack the ball always find its way back to the opponent's table with a "magical" curve. Maybe this helps players feel easier but it reduces reality of the game. wow lol

Five stars Love this game it is really fun if you don't like this game then you should still play it. It gets better when you get better at it and its a brilliant game. But can you do a thing so that you can see the bat better but it does good because it tacks up hardly any space. Go well

I feel rushed to make this rating Since I just downloaded this 10 min ago I have been asked 4x to rate the game pressing later each time. So I caved and am writing it. The ads in the top right corner are distracting. Not sure if I can spike the ball back yet since I just started to play. So far no lag or glitches. I'd recommend easy on the ads and asking for a rating. Fix that and I'll give 5 stars. Good

Love Will you have to fight the other computer it is really awesome and it makes you want to smile and laugh and do all things at the same time I have so I had feelings for that it was so awesome and I hope you will get to play it to this also and I hope you have a good time I hope you have the same emotions good luck and I hope that you will really really really really really love it will make me really happy l GOOD LUCK ! Works perfectly

The Best game if learnt to play. It's a good game but, the makers could have used some good techniques for using in the game. if you want to play table tennis games then please download this game. Surprisingly

I cannot describe in detail. But I just want to say that it is very much closer to reality. The gestures are real time and the movements too. Good

Samsung Galaxy S5 What a great and lovely and exciting game! I was bored, so I got to the play store and this game showed up, I thought it'd be a boring game like the others but i was wrong, it's very good. I wish I could give more then 5 stars :) Flawless

Not bad! Takes a second to get used to but it's pretty fun. Best to keep your finger on the screen at all tone and bring the paddle back after you strike the ball every time. wow lol

Good, better than the others... Better than the rest because it doesn't run in the background. Graphics not quite as sophisticated as the others but doesn't crush your battery. The only one that I've kept. Good

Pretty good. Not much to complain about for a free app. Fun and addicting to play. Sometimes hard to see paddle under your finger though. Also Canada should be added as a team to play as. Muito bom!

Loved It For Quite A Time I was Searching For That Kind Of Game Which Can Make Me Feel Playing In My College Common Room. then I find This.. I was blessed. Awesome Game. Worth a go!

Ads slow down gameplay Good gameplay but it's really unfortunate that the developers decided to embed the ads into the gameplay itself. It's extremely annoying. Make us watch an ad before or after a game like normal games. It's irritating. 5 star

Love it I really like the game. It is very enjoyable. Ever since I downloaded it the face of the game seemed boring but when you play it, it feels like your actually live playing it. Works perfectly

Excellent but too easy Such a great game, so much fun. A great variety of shots and different competition types. The only problem is it gets too easy too fast, especially in the tournament modes. Please increase the level of difficulty and I will continue to play this game. Great!

good game First time playing this game so far so good. Only issue I see, the paddle is too small. With the finger or thumb on top of the paddle to play the game it's difficult to know if your paddle is lined up until it kinda flies past you. so maybe make the paddle a tad bigger please thank you. Omg

Its SOOOOOO cool I love it because it really feels real and it has actual challenge like expert mode. You should make a second version of this. Whoever made this thx alot Works perfectly

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