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One of my absolute favorite perks of being a T-Mobile customer! I get a great deal on my family plan, upgrades almost anytime I want with Jump On Demand plus they give me FREE STUFF every Tuesday!! If you're a T-Mobile customer you must have this app. If you're not then what are you waiting on? Marvelous

Amazing app, with great freebies. Sometimes the prizes are not useful, yet some weeks are epic. It's free (95%) of the time, or deeply discounted otherwise. There is literally nothing to complain about! If you don't like it, just pass. Better than not getting anything! Not bad

The app is very user friendly. I love the Vudu movie rentals the most, but utilize the Shell gas discounts as well. The notification does not go away until the claim deadline has expired, whether or not you want to use them. I hate not being able to clear my badges. My suggestion would be to allow a person to delete or mark not interested. Thank you Marvelous

I love and am extremely grateful for this app, because it provides a complimentary subscription to MLB baseball. However, I cannot rate it too highly, because it also sends me unwelcome texts, with no apparent way to configure notifications. I am very perturbed by all apps that behave in this unacceptable manner. Fantastic

This app used to be great, but it has lost a lot of what made it useful lately. Back when it first came out, they would offer things like buy 1 get 1 ice cream, free doughnuts, free/discounted movie tickets, etc. Now all you get are useless sports offers, hotel discounts and food offers for places that aren't even in your state. You're lucky if you can find something you'll realistically ever use. Well done!!

3 out of 4 things are usually irrelevant to me. Some are just to hard to do or get because of the hours I work. N way to many things need me to add another app to my phone to redeem Worth it!

I really like and appreciate T-MOBILE Tuesday. The app is great it never crashes. Very easy to use and redeem your gifts. The only thing I don't like about it is that most times we can't get the gifts but only because we don't have the stores where we live. Love the Gear giveaways. love it

The limited items available in store are unfair to those who have to be at work before a tmobile opens. If not picked up by noon, items are out of stock. Other than that I appreciate the offers Great job

So Frustrating! Redeem links won't open in browser, other redeem options like DD cards take forever to activate. And Please- when you offer free magazine subscriptions, can we have more "manly" options? Omg

The ONLY wireless carrier who REALLY cares about it's customer base. Giving us either freebies or good deals EVERY Tuesday, been with them almost 20yrs, BEST SERVICE provider hands down!!! Great!

Free vudu movies love those and 1 free subscription to Mlb,hubs is happy. Lots of freebies and companies to try it's so nice when Tmobile gives thanks to its customers. 5 star

Hit or miss on the item sometimes it's a deal sometimes it's a steel and sometimes it's a dud, I like the free stuff you pick up in the store that's pretty cool occasionally they give you free food at restaurants like a free Frosty maybe we can get gas discounts but I never was able to get them to work. Sometimes the app has trouble and doesn't work but you got to remember it only works on Tuesdays. Just wow

Fair...Need better awards. More free things like Netflix for a month. 50% off your bill for one month. Things like that. Who actually wants a $2.00 Dunkin donut cards. Or free tmobile umbrella. Worth a go!

I love this app. Love what t mo ile is doing for their costumers but unfortunately as of the past week or so the app does not work. It redirects you to the site to claim the stuff. Hope it gets resolved quickly. Good

T-Mobile is great. Best customer service and lowest prices -- plus rewards! Redeemed numerous rewards from eatery rewards to fuel. Not bad

I think its great! So far I've seen a free movie, got a free whole pizza, put cheaper gas, free tmobile umbrella, tshirt, $25 for a restaurant, free magazines! It shows that Tmobile isn't greedy and cares for its customers! Very happy with their service too! You guys are awesome! Great!

Really! Get the best deals on the best phones, and they pay you back with free stuff! No way can a cell phone company do that. T-MOBILE does! Really! Recommend

Love that T Mobile provides free items and great discounts through the app. I especially love saving money on gas, I hope they keep doing that discount! Go well

I love all the free gifts. I mad I missed out on the Tmobile apron, but you can bring out another one. Thank you for the discount at the movies! I've seen more movies because of this option! Thank you T-Mobile Tuesdays! Good

What's not to love? Free stuff, great offers, big discounts...all easy to use...a great variety of products and services.I love saving $$ at Shell for fill ups. love it

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