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This app allows a Free trial only. I have a non-tmobile phone, but I do subscribe to caller ID, which doesn'tv work on my phone. I thought this app was included. It's not. After a free trial they make you pay $4/mo! Other than that, the app works ok. But it's not truly integrated. I'm definitely not paying $4/mo, so it's being uninstalled now. Fantastic

The app is great at revealing names and blocking spam. However: 1. You cannot save numbers to contacts once name ID has discovered them except from the name ID app 2. Numbers seem to disappear and cannot be recovered Good

With every penny. This is my most valuable feature on my phone. I do wish however it could automatically block those sneaky robocalls. So annoying. Flawless

I love Hiya, so glad there's an app to integrate it with my T-Mobile phones, rather than the NameID that came installed on the phones. Please bundle these on all phones, T-Mobile!! Perfect!

I think it good, but you can not erase the log either one at a time or as a group. I would like to see this featureaddex then my rating would go to 5 stars Fabulous!

Caller ID app that comes with t-mobile phones. Love how is getting smarter and flags spam numbers as "scam likely" so I don't have to look the number up on who called me. Great job

This app is just ok... the anonymous calls still get through. The worst part is that if I am on an active call then it hangs up on the active call if I decline an anonymous call. Flawless

Like the app because it's caller ID but I freaking hate that it saves the unwanted numbers to my contact list . I don't want to hide them I want to get rid of them. That feature needs to be fix asap. Good

Some of the blocked calls still are allowed through. For the most part, it identifies numbers not in my contact list and let's me knows who is calling me which is really helpful. Muito bom!

Needs better menu options to access features such as on deleting unwanted log list of listed ID'S. Cool App, works good. Works perfectly

It's great for blocking or stopping spam, robo-calls, etc., but really bad at recognizing the texts from organizations or websites I want information from. Worth a go!

Would really like the app if it would truly look up the numbers and give the information but every time I try it gives me nothing. Awesome

Thanks for your help and support Acts 3Amen in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's Name Jesus Christ's Name Jesus Christ's Name Jesus Christ's Name Jesus Christ's Name Jesus's Name. Amen Isaiah 6Amen Isaiah 38,40:27-31Amen 2Cor 5:7-16-17-21,11:3Amen 5 star

You have to subscribe to a service in order to even use this. If you need a service for this, stop putting this bloatware on phones. Not bad

Can't delete random phone numbers that show up under Name ID. Very inconvenient. Numbers still show up when you type in a number, but won't let you delete it. The fact that they are NOT saved in your contacts should mean they won't be saved, but they are because they keep showing up in search results. Fix this!!! Amazing!

Puts up inaccurate name's that aren't even in my contact's can it do that....? SOME OF THE NAME'S ARE NOT ONLY FROM OUT OF STATE,THEY'RE NOT EVEN PEOPLE I KNOW.... Superb!

The app actually works and blocks unwanted calls, specifically when there is suspected spam. Awesome

I doesn't help me look up numbers and see who the number belongs to, I still have numbers i don't know who it is, so i don't answer....Leave a message!! Superb!

It could work more efficiently, it loads very slow. Make it work faster please. Must have

If the name is to long it gets cut off and you can't read it. Flipping to landscape does not help. This is a MAJOR OVERSIGHT rendering this app useless for long names. Must have

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