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Missing one thing... Overall, I love this app and all the wonderful information it gives me. However, the one thing I miss having is the CPU temperature graph. If this feature returns, I would absolutely give it five stars. Highly Recommend.

Does the job very well. Tells you everything you need while also retaining a good look. Great job

Missing a few things I'll keep looking elsewhere. Why is CPU clock speed not shown per CPU? Why is it not shown in a graph? Good

Excellent! First app that was successfully able to extrapolate the battery life (accurately) and the mode overview and storage overview is pretty unique as well! Would recommend. Awesome

Tegra Note 7, Moto G This is the app I've been looking for since the Galaxy S1 came out. Finally a system monitor that can match Windows built in monitor! Doesn't display GPU info on Tegra 4, but does on Snapdragon 400. Enjoy it!

Awesome I work with monitoring tools - this one looks great, very useful GUI. Easy to understand analysis and assessment of CPU, RAM, NETWORK I/O. Helps with root cause analysis and should help me reduce my MTTR. Just wow

Beautiful UI FYI: For those who wants a notification bar icon, you can get it for free from an app named "OS monitor", which does not look as beautiful as this app though. Marvelous

Doesn't show which app is maxing out Disk I/O The Top Apps function really needs another column, to show which apps are hogging disk I/O. Otherwise, this is a very useful system monitor. 5 star

I'm impressed Design is clean and quick to understand. I plan to purchase the pro version to support the dev. Great work. Worth it!

Fantastic With this app I was able to get rid of a stubborn and harmful third party app that wouldn't allow me disable it after I enabled it. I was finally able to see and uninstall the third party app from it hiding place. Go well

Superb I download a virus unfortunately whenever i try to delete virus phone will be switch off but use of this i delete the virus 5 star

Simple And that's all it is really, a very simple system monitor, unless you have the upgrade, with a dark theme. Fortunately for me that's all I need. As an aside - the new icon looks really low res with jagged white edges on my phone. Just a heads up. Awesome

Good Upgraded to 1.5.1 but still crashes every other time, please fix. The older version was much more stable Worth a go!

A bit tooo Lite Useful? Sure i guess, but there are just way too many things left out missing from the lite version making it too lite and not really useful in current form pre-upgrading. Yea i get it, the incentive is to buy it but wouldn't you want your customers to support you on their own accord without feeling forced. That's exactly the type of developers I'll steer clear from. System Monitor Lite.....hmmm, nah no thanks.. not even worth the storage space it cost me.

The best If you need a task manager or a system status monitor, this is simply the best app for that. Simple to use and nice design.

Solid Not a app geek but I'm all about effciency. One click and a swipe or two and all the system info I need is right there

Need octa core support Great app, but it needs >4 core cpu support as most new phones have at least 6 cored now.

Amazing! Great app, needs a lot of feature but... is the first release and I will keep it! Continue with this work!

Useful app but.... This is a useful app however the "Top Apps" feature fails to list any apps on my Galaxy S5 running Cyanogenmod. I'm not sure why this is but its disappointing, I hope this will be investigated.

Perfect but some features are not working This is actually the best app in the play store for monitor the system of my phone... but there there is a one bug that i found in the top app section, it not showing the network usage for the each application correctly. It will be very helpful if you can fix this issue.. btw im using samsung galaxy grand neo plus

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