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Great app. Saved me big time. After deleting system directory by accident, I was without keyboard and packet installer. This app can install apk on it's own. Most of others use default packet installer and didn't work for me. Besides this, there is a lot of other useful features too. My old tablet is now a lot faster after cleaning a lot of bloat from it. love it

Thanks for the app! But some apps like gallery, file manager, etc are not shown either system or user nor removable or should keep! little confusing ! something like yahoo finance shown as key module!!! Confuse but very usefull app! Pretty good

Very straightforward app, excellent. The recycle bin feature is great to restore deleted apps. For all of those who complain about ads, if you can root your device and I assume you can get rid of ads too right? And for some of those who moaning about it doesn't work and it needs rooted device, well I'm lost for words for them. Great job dev!! Restoring from recycle bin works just fine and move to SD card works too, don't know what's the problem with most of moaning people here lmao!! Works great

Thank you soon much I need this because I accidentally put game hacker in to my system but now I can delete it again Thank you Perfect

Very useful and I'm happy about it. No problems whatsoever! Not only this app uninstalls but it replaced another app for moving apps to SD card. Thanks! Awesome

This App does what it suppose to do and it is very handy when you get some malware which you cannot delete normally, but of course you have to have a rooted phone/tablet. Has helped us several times. Good

It's a great app,it good,it's real's so good.btw this app is so so good Not bad

Removes bloatware, etc. Problem is it won't restore apps for me after moving them to the recycling bin. Good thing I need to install a new ROM anyway. It will make me think twice before using this again, though. To fix issue manually, find /jumobile/recyclebin which has the apk files you removed. Also the .conf.backup files contain the original path where the apk goes. Edit them in a text editor to find path, then move apk manually back. Perfect

Great app that allows you to remove battery draining system apps that you don't need! Great job

Thank you, I have tried to remove certain apps for quite some time now without any results and your app handled the task very well. Surprisingly

Why do I still get advertisements!! I like this app. I paid for No ads but I still get ads. Good

Worked flawlessly well, id suggest anyone to use this app for removing system apps and other apps which does not have uninstall option Good

Is the only app working on 64 bit arm and can remove services. All other even titanium root cannot. Omg

Does what it says it's going to do and it has very very minimal advertisement terrific product. wow lol

We can remove all bloatware apps and ram usage can be reduced..... Nice work developers.....root is always perfect for daily usage... Great!

Tested on Samsung galaxy tab s3 (825) rooted: I could remove all KNOX components from my tablet. Thanks to the devs. Great!

System App Awesome at getting rid of useless system provided apps that just big down your resources! Cool

Okay, so I love this app because I had gotten an app. And it auto gave it administration on my phone. So it was sending me pop-up adds and shutting down my apps left and right. This is the only app that got rid of the administration privileges and deleted it! Thank you so much! Not bad

Pretty damn amazing all error pop us now gone.... One suggested inquiry could you all possibly make a option to replace assistant applications with any desired from the users choosing. Thanks again, António Miguel celestine Pretty good

REMOVER I think to remove system app to run faster . Last update was worst .Thank you for a better update Pretty good

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