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I wanted to be able to have my iTunes on my Samsung and it worked great! Didn't take long to download or transfer, pleased with the simplicity of it. Fantastic

Does what it says, just wish it would leave the album's order in tact instead of jumbling it all in transfer Not bad

Very good app. I have synced more than 200 songs in less than 5 minutes Perfect

Brilliant'synced my entire iTunes library at no extra cost & no song restrictions! Great job

It is all about the WIFI, Bluetooth or other method for transfer, however for me it is awesome, 11,000+ songs move from my Macbook to my phone. Let it transfer over night using a different folder for each 3k songs of so and no issues at all. Fabulous!

Added only 1 song to my itunes and need to sync again.. Syncing not automatically detect to only 1.. But time consuming- syncing will do all the songs AGAIN.. Plzzz improvise!! Well done!!

The best app for sync iTunes music. Extremely easy to use and not has limit! A+ thanks for that! not forget the PC software. Awesome

Description was on point. Instructions were clear. Adding this to my arsenal of must have apps! Thanks! Superb!

Only less than a third of my over 1300 song library can be seen in the music app on my phone, but they are synced in SyncTunes' folder?? Great job

Easy to operate and does a good job. Nice to find an app that actually works and does what it claims it will do. If it continues to work as well in the weeks to come i would have gladly paid for it. Well done!!

This is the BEST app for me: because it works very fine, have Wi-Fi sync, no issues even for big libraries , files not corrupted, no limit on file size/numbers, also sync playlists from iTunes... And it's FREE!!! Omg

After working through several partially-functional "solutions," this app made it a snap. Worth noting that it only transfers music files in playlists, but playlists are easy to make in iTunes. Also, it only works through your local WiFi network, so not as fast to transfer files as a USB connection would be. But no big deal: it works! love it

This is a great app. I highly recommend it. Better than any other app out there. Syncs flawlessly. Surprisingly

This works perfectly it's a great app that does what it says, if you want to sync iTunes music to your android for free this app is the best Fantastic

This app worked great, allowing me to listen to itunes U on my android. Making the workaround easy as eating apple pie. Furthermore my hat is off to the heroes who put their time into making this app, knowing that it will become obsolete as soon as Apple gets its act together and makes an itunes app for Android. Marvelous

awesome.....easy to sync, now i can listen to some songs on my android phone....highly recommend k Well done!!

WOW! First App that truly worked! Now, I can enjoy my songs wherever I go. Thanks! Recommend

Great! It was fast and easy to use. I love how you can transfer as many songs as you want for free. It worked great! Worth it!

Great App So excited to be able to use my music again without having to buy expensive converter programs. Easy to use. Brilliant

First itunes to android app that worked for me. Very simple and straight forward. Cool

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