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The latest update is an improvement, at least the developers have reacted to some criticism. Anyone else getting problems leaving feedback on Aliexpress? Repeats the last word entered? Footnote: the new Star Trek theme is great! Flawless

I said I'd return my rating to five stars when capitalizing by Sweeping above the keyboard returned and I'm remaining true to my word. All is well with the world again. Accuracy seems to be improved as well. Well done Swype devs! ****Previous comment**** I used to love my Swype app, and I've been Swyping since my first Android device, the Droid X I got in 2010, but recent updates have removed features like the ability to capitalize a letter in a word by Swyping above the keyboard and then to the next letter. Features like this distinguished Swype from other gesture keyboard. I've also noticed with some of the recent updates Swype isn't as accurate as it once was. Unfortunately, I've spent the money to buy it but I will no longer sing Swype's praises until they return the features they've removed. If they do, I'll change my review back to five stars and renounce this comment. Brilliant

Language indicator on space bar is missing for material themes. Ukrainian keyboard digits layout is messed up. Please fix. And maybe consider subscription model. I would pay for features (but would not for Star Trek themes). Perfect!

The best way of typing on a touch screen that I know. But, and this is a big but, needs one more simple feature: the ability to remove languages that have been installed. It's great that you can install three other varieties of English for those like me who live outside the US, but that means there are two versions of English taking up space in the menu whenever I switch between English and Japanese. Words I save to one English don't save to the other. Would be a five star app if there was a way to remove languages I don't need. Go well

Swype is definitely the *best keyboard*. I've given several others a try just to explore over the past many years, as on 2017 Swype remains the most accurate and easily manageable of all. One frustrating caveat: my Logitech external keyboard does not recognize the shift key when Swype is the active onscreen keyboard; when I change the on-screen keyboard to something else, shift key on the external keyboard works fine. Amazing!

Number row AND secondary keys! They fixed one of my few complaints! Love this keyboard, best I've tried. Every once in a while, I try something else, but I always come back to Swype. Worth it!

Error: I can no long handwrite in Chinese when keyboard is QWERTY mode. I made sure handwriting option is on, but every time I write something it says "please try again" Update: updating the language pack fixed it. But I have seen performance issues such as lag. I have used swype since inception so I would hope this can be fixed soon. Brilliant

Swype is a good keyboard, but I just wish it wouldn't cause my phone to slow down. When the official smart manager app from the android OS is flagging your keyboard as having 10 issues in a week, it's likely you should begin offering users fixes or refunds. Hijacking my calls while the device is in sleep mode, isn't what I had in mind for a keyboard. Will upgrade rating once these issues are fixed. wow lol

This used to be a great app, 5 stars. But with the recent update it's gone to a 3 at best. The word prediction is awful. Please undo what you did. I had to go back to my system keyboard. 10/17 Back to five stars thanks to the swipe up to capitalize. love it

Since the most recent update, holding down keys does nothing - can't delete an entire word, can't switch to numbers or accented characters. Otherwise by far my favorite keyboard to use! Surprisingly

The best swyping keyboard around. Gestures are very handy too. I wish they had better themes, not just pictures, more material stuff. It would also be nice to have the secondaries under a long press of the period button or something like that (it's hard to see some of them the way it is). Well done!!

I purchased this keyboard and it's always been my favorite keyboard but the microphone doesn't work anymore! I've installed and uninstalled. Registered over and over again. The microphone does not work! If the developer's read this please help! I really love your keyboard, but I sometimes use the microphone. I'm getting a message that says NO NETWORK AVAILABLE when I AM CONNECTED to the internet! PLEASE FIX THIS! Update: Thank you for helping me fix this! 5 star

This keyboard is my favourite.. The only thing I don't like is that the recent smileys section rearranges itself while typing.. It is irritating for example if I want to insert the same emoji 2-3 times.. Brilliant

I have, until recently, kept trying other keyboards looking for the perfect one. But guess what, that doesn't exist. I keep returning to Swype because I now believe it is as close to perfect as we're gonna get. It's a pretty damn solid keyboard, and I am done looking elsewhere. Fantastic

Recent update removed several emoji, removed capitalization gesture, messed with the accuracy, and won't recognize or learn some swypes. *** EDIT 8 Oct 2017 New update restored some emoji and capitalization gesture. However, the emoji on the recent tab re-sort as you're tapping them, making repeated emoji awkward. Well done!!

Just just installed the latest version. I am beyond words of how happy I am that they have returned above the keyboard capitalization back to swipe. The jury's out on some other things that have gotten on my nerves. Time will tell on those. But I still restored my vote to five stars just based upon the return of the above keyboard capitalization alone . I will update as time goes on if pertinent. Thanks for finally waking up folks! Much appreciated… Pretty good

Swype is without a doubt the best swiping keyboard on the market. Easy, accurate and has the best gesture programming for fast use. It needs 2 things in my opinion to be perfect. 1. Option to use Google voice instead of Dragon 2. Gif support Recommend

giving a 4 star, I love this keyboard but just one thing make me feel so annoying is the number and symbol input. I am a Cangjie user, I found that very difficult to input number and symbol when I change to that mode. The number is not in order, because you make it display the character that I use the most in order, top to bottom... Now I always switch to english to type number and symbol, can you guys just change back the number input keyboard in chinese keyboard like the english one? or at least give a options for me to change, thank you. Worth a go!

Gesture paste fails to work most of the time, the gesture is what sets swype apart from other keyboards. Please don't screw it up Great job

It's good. Most of the themes are tacky. I still use it is because its swiping and predicting are better than any other, and because I've memorized where all the symbols are. Surprisingly

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