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I love the app, have been using it for years. However these days it requires often to "allow it" even though the box is already checked. So I need to uncheck it, check it again and choose the keyboard again before it starts working. It's been happening often after the last update I think. Please fix! Works perfectly

This keyboard is absolutely amazing! My pre-installed, came with the phone, keyboard did an update, and it practically broke my entire phone, lagging, freezing of the lettering, it made my phone overheat a few times also. I know it was the pre-installed keyboard because everything is working fine after buying this app! Surprisingly

I love this keyboard. But in the last week or so, I'm being prompted several times a day to enable the Swype keyboard...even though it's already enabled. An uninstall and reinstall did nothing to fix this. If this bug is fixed, I'd gladly go back to 5 stars. Worth a go!

I love Swype, but man.. Stop adding themes and worthless "features" and fix the bugs. I am almost ready to switch. It keeps freezing then crashing, and insists on autocorrecting even though I have it turned off. Every few months it decides to ignore/wipe my custom dictionary too. Please add a way to just simply type anything into the custom dictionary too! Not every word can be added with the current method. Most importantly though, fix the crashes!! It crashed twice just typing this review! Perfect!

Update: 11/17/17 - still the best. Baffles me how the reviews are so low. Every so often or when I get a new phone I'll try the others again, but swype is just better. Not pretty like swift, but works way better. i really like the function of swype. very clean and not too much going on, yet still looks pretty and well laid. out. the predictive text is very accurate, keys are pretty large, comparitively. and i really like the swype key with shortcuts, i use the "swype" + 'A' and 'question mark' + 'space" a lot, much easier to select all and add punctuation. another feature i've grown to like, and first got hooked on when i tried the google keyboard, was the fact that the voice typing had it's own button, and i don't have to hold the button to activate it. it's so minor, but makes it so much easier. couple things i don't like, no choice to use google voice instead of dragon. dragon works fine, but i'd like the option so i can determine which works best for me. plus i kinda like having the works type as i talk. other thing is the trail. it's very bla. the swiftkey trail is so cool looking. i don't mind the orange, but give it a little something unique. or some more customizable options or something. and to me those are minor enough to not matter. the function and accuracy, and speed, are top notch. i like it very much. i've tried swift two separate times, and don't like it. Perfect!

I have used Swype on many different phones. I am happy with the way the keyboard works, once it's working. Lately, I have seen many prompts to set up Swype again. So before I can type anything, I have to turn OFF, then turn ON the keyboard and select it as my primary. Is this due to updates? I saw it twice this morning. How annoying! love it

Had for years and mostly love it. Irritating tho, when trying to use "select all" gesture it inserts zzz or zap or whatever. No idea why that started happening lately Cool

Not sure what the deal is, but the last month or so, every few hours when I click some where to type a message (Google bar, SMS bar, etc.), it prompts me to select Swype, then enable Swype, then sends me to the Themes store. I never disable Swype, so why does it prompt me to enable Swype several times per day? The only 2 possibilities I can think of is that there's either a glitch in the app or that it's trying to get me to purchase a keyboard Theme, since the last step in that whole "enabling Swype again" debacle is that it sends me to the Themes store. It's pretty obnoxious and I've had the paid version for some time now. Just wow

The keyboard works nicely on phone and tablet. There are times when it selects the word it thinks I typed and refuses to accept that I might what I typed -- in other words, typing the word I typed is ignored as if I didn't touch it on both phone and tablet. Not sure why I have to re-enable Swype & select it as the default keyboard on a daily basis. Great!

It's always asking me to select my keyboard which is very annoying. That should be a one time thing. I never had that problem on the free version. Worth a go!

I've used this keyboard for years but it recently is repeatedly asking me to enable the keyboard before I can type anything. It's getting frustrating, fix this and it will get 5 stars. Surprisingly

I've been using Swype since my galaxy s epic. Loved this keyboard. Tried others and they aren't as intuitive. My only problem is that recently, whenever I type into a text field, it always brings me to the prompt to select "Swype+ dragon" as default. As if I'm installing it again. It gets pretty annoying after having to do it over ten times in the same day Great job

Love it. Always knows what I'm saying better than any other keyboard. The Swype feature is better, I think this keyboard was the first to introduce it anyway. And thank you for finally adding soon tones Well done!!

It finally stopped altogether crashing, but now it keeps having me select the keyboard over and over again several times a day I'm finally biting the bullet and looking into a different Swype keyboard. Been using this for years, but the quality has greatly declined. Really unfortunate. Enjoy it!

This app was great on my galaxy 4 but not very accurate on my galaxy s7. I'm constantly having to double check what I Swype to make sure it used the right word. Word prediction is horrible at times putting a word that's no where close to what I was trying to spell. For example, when I try to Swype the word "you're" it will put "how". I'm not even touching the "H". Go well

edit: They brought back the functionality! Finally I can use the latest version again :) Needs swipe-up to capitalize back. The fact that it has been missing so long intentionally, with no option to toggle the feature, makes me regret purchasing the keyboard. However, I just found and installed a 2.2.3 apk with the feature and will use that instead. Awesome

Honestly I don't know why this keyboard isn't rated better or considered the best. I've tried the Google keyboard and the accuracy of the gesture typing just isn't anywhere near the level of the Swype keyboard. I don't need to Google search within my keyboard. I need to type quickly and accurately. If you are a swipe typing person nothing compares. Swype to quickly select, copy, and paste text. I've tried swiftkey, gboard, and Samsung's attempts. It's no comparison. Bought this keyboard and haven't switched Go well

Not half as accurate as the standard keyboard provided in Android by Google, but it has features that I have a really hard time ditching. Small quality of life stuff, like holding backspace deletes entire words at a time instead of individual letters (which is substantially faster). If it wasn't for the accuracy issues I have, this would be a great keyboard. In this review I had to correct 13 different words (e.g., it'd mistake "it" for "our" or "different" for "differing" somehow). That's a lot Surprisingly

I love this keyboard. I have installed it on all my android devices, and it is one of the first things to be installed on a new one each time. I especially like the voice function - the best I have seen. Requires data connection for voice to text, but works well. Fabulous!

Update November 9th 2017: Swype started crashing without any indication as to the side and reason for the crashes. Hope this gets fixed soon, hate using the alternatives. Original review: I've tried them all but I keep coming back to Swype.been using it since the beginning of beta and love the fact that is finally in the store as well! The event Addition of the bilingual feature just made it infinitely more useful. Thanks for being awesome, Swype! Worth it!

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