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A4.4.4 on Nexus 5 Sometimes lags the start. Also the proposals and red underlines somehow can't be turned off.

Great Runs better. Would still like a Kit Kat/Jelly Bean theme. Also being able to insert Emoji would be fantastic.

Dictionary gone after udating to full version Why on earth am I supposed to start my dictionary all over again because I decided to convert to full version. The free and full version were considered two separate apps on my phone!! Who came up with that idea!!! Defiantly thinking about refunding

So slow it's unusable Used to love this app so much but after an update a long time ago the performance made it unusable. Every update since then I've hoped it would be back to normal but no still locks my phone up etc. Samsung Galaxy s4

This is amazing! Finally, we have qwerty in Romanian language! This was unexpected and you've made my day! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! The only downside of this keyboard is that it has a high RAM consumption. On my phone is somewhere around 80-100 MB RAM. Update: RAM consumption is a little lower now, around 50 mb. The lags from the last updates are give. Good job guys!

Long time user of Swype I've been using Swype for years now and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, however I would love to see a row for the number keys as an add-on for those with bigger screen. Shoot with the option to resize your keyboard, smaller screen users could probably still use such an add-on.

Please allow separation of backspace and enter Why oh, why oh, why, does every keyboard have the enter and backspace so close, please allow for customization so thick fingered users are not constantly hitting enter instead of backspace. Still an issue

Update For those experiencing problems with the recent update, I worked with Nuance Customer Support and I'm Swypeing this entry now. Here's how to get your Swype keyboard back: Go to Settings > "Language and Input" and confirm that Swype is enabled. Clear the Notification Panel. Open any text entry field and tap in it to open a keyboard. A "choose input method" icon should appear in your notification panel. Use it to select Swype. Open the Android messaging app. Tap on the text field -- the stock keyboa

I loved this app... And after update had serious issues but after a few days came back to see how thigs were going ahs I'm again in love. Using on Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M8,, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and NO problems on any device (no issue on old Motorola Photon either).

#language-learning Auto correct too aggressive! After the latest update, the auto correct has become way too aggressive. It's disappointing given that the earlier version was perfect.

#live-wallpaper The best keyboard, BUT eats lots of memory! Very good keyboard, but eats lots and lots of memory. I wish that "Swype Connect" process went away once I disabled all online features but unfortunately that is not true. The "Swype Connect" process eats 5-20 MB of real RAM for no reason. If you can waste that much RAM, you will have no problem. I would rather have than RAM for other purposes!

Good! After the last updated the keyboard won't stick after a.reboot. please fix this.. Recommend to download Swype Keyboard APK.

More customization needed! Pretty good application. What I am missing is vibration setting, it is too strong and button height setting. I'm looking forward to custom or fan made skins, current skins are not ugly, but that's not what I'm looking for either.. Recommend to take Swype Keyboard APK.

Great keyboard! Always loved Swype, bu it needs an option as to what voice to text service you want. :/. Recommend to take Swype Keyboard APK.

Simply awesome!!!! I love this app. I can't live without it. It's really that simple!! Just one request, can you make it so the trail colour can be changed independently of themes? I love the mercury theme but I wish I could choose a red trail to go with it.

#live-wallpapers Need a redo to Vietnamese! I like your work but in Vietnam we use a different method to type, because we have really complex diacritical marks. If you guys can make Telex mode or VNI mode for Vietnamese, I will be more than grateful, Swift Key did a great job about this and I'm expect you to do better. Anyway, thanks to the devs and I'm looking for essentials updates in the future.

Best. Keyboard. Ever.! I try to avoid buying stuff on Google Play (I've always preferred Spamazon), but when I saw that Swype was now for sale I had to get it. I've always used the public beta, and this is by far the best keyboard for your android device. Well worth the money....

#split-screen Simply the fastest [ update ]! The problem I have with the Swype keyboard is that when I try to switch to another language it's freeze for to much time ~10 sec. And when I have a text entry space the Swype keyboard also tasks some time to load. Another thing is that sometime I click the capitalization arrow and type a word but a bug make that my first letter is not capitalized I use galaxy s3 I have tried all kind of keyboard and Swype is the most suitable for me! It's more accurate and fast. Swifkey comes second for better prediction

Great keyboard overall! I don't like dragon voice transcribing. Stick with Google or allow the option to select Google's voice transcribing. Otherwise pretty good

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