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In Chinese keyboard mode, the continuous Swype on keyboard is still broken... Long ago before version 3.x, I could swipe "tamen" and it would nicely come up with 他们。 Now have to type the Pinyin in full or just "tm". Hope this glitch gets fixed. Perfect

started using Swype many years ago during beta and I've tried and paid for other keyboards and I always return to Swype. the best. one of my favorites features is ability to enable multiple languages at the same time. I can type in either English or Spanish. Great job

Please Swype, add an adult feature so we can swear without adding every swear word ever uttered to the dictionary. Good

I have paid for it but it looses my words and freezes all the time, I am unistalling it Muito bom!

I can't find a better app for typing. The shortcuts are the best, swyping from the Swype key to GM opens Google maps, swiping from Swype key to either a/x/c/v for select all/cut/copy/paste.. I use those the most. wish it was slightly more customizable.. Like allowing for certain keys to be resized... The shortcuts make this app the best I haven't seen another with them at least such useful ones. Must have

It is now the 2nd time that I cannot install it directly from Google Play. The memory management somehow is screwed up, as with 382 MB free memory I am not able to install it on my Samsung Galaxy ACE2. Note: this is my one and only APK ever I have paid for, as what it provides is perfect. Now I always have to download the install files from some illegal sites being able to install it on my phone. Please have a look at it, as now the user experience for the install is terrible. Not bad

This is the best keyboard for android for everyone. I like the new emoji button and I just bought the colorful theme set. Looks great Marvelous

Kudos to developer. I really like this keyboard. Accurate prediction in English and in my language too, didn't take too much ram. Hope for more theme Recommend

Swype is heads and shoulders the best keyboard on the market! Yes! The latest update fixed with the for-capitalization-swype-from-letter-above-the-keyboard feature! Worth it!

This is the real Swype! I've tried them all but this one is especially great for its gestures features to easily select text, copy, paste, capitalize words, etc. It is also great because the dictionary allows you to swipe out long things like email addresses, phone numbers, times... And even complicated passwords. Oh! And my favorite feature is the ability to quickly swipe smileys such as :) and :p Awesome

Giving 5 because long time user. But guys, what up with the having to set my key board settings 3 times a day? Like 5 years and no issues. Is it cause I'm on galaxy s8 now? App asks me to set up in settings all the time. Annoying to say the least, bug on s8? Brilliant

Using this since my first Smartphone. Best of the lot. Only problem I'm currently facing is with Haptic feedback. It isn't working even after changing the response value. Couldnt be system settings, as there's no issue with other keyboards. Enjoy it!

I like Swype since the beta stages, better than swiftkey in my experience. But one thing I wish it would do that it already does for it's tablet version, is to allow the floating keyboard for phone screens above 5". If it could allow that mode to be turned on for phablets, it would be a solid 5 stars. Since the last update, keyboard keeps asking me to re-enable Swype almost everyday on my Samsung TAB S3 running stock android 7.0, hopefully this gets fixed. Cool

At last they restored the swipe up to capitalise feature! Why it ever went away and why it took so long to come back I don't know. Used Gboard for a while but missed Swype. Just need a spacebar gesture to move cursor to make it perfect. Marvelous

I have used this app for years and it is clearly the most responsive writing app on the market. One issue which still is open to improvement is the dictionary. I would love to have the dictionary able to be edited so that errors in picking up things like website addresses can bee fixed in the dictionary itself. Works great

I loved this until recently. I fell like the predictive young got worse instead of better. Then with the latest update I was constantly being forced to reselect Swype as my keyboard and then being directed to the themes page. The code to text is bad to the point of unusable. Going back to Gboard. Pretty good

A reliable, full-featured keyboard. If you like gesture input, this keyboard is for you! The dictionary is robust, and customization is great. Love the cut-copy-paste and other editing command. Have tried many others but keep coming back to this. VTT is a little quirky, but fairly accurate. Pausing after the first word helps, as it often misses it. Also, it sometimes takes awhile to process voice input but that just wants a little pause. Better to have one long input, or exit out and return between speaking. Lately it has stopped responding to the long press for alternate symbols/selection/commands but am hoping that will be fixed in an update. Problems/glitches seldom last for long... Worth it!

I have used Swype for years (& even purchased the paid version & themes) with no complaint, but now just recently I am CONSTANTLY having to confirm that yes, it IS the keyboard I want to use, before I can do anything. It's getting to the point I've just gone back to using the Samsung keyboard just to avoid having to deal with the constant verification process Well done!!

I used to love this keyboard best. I've used it on many phones. Lately, though still a nice keyboard, it won't remember the setting as primary keyboard and makes me go through set-up multiple times a day in every app/browser I use. It's beyond frustrating. Maybe it's just not as compatible with the s8? 5 star

I have been using this app now for many years on my Samsung phones. I like the quick switch between languages and national keyboards. Lately, the app asks every two days on average to turn on the app, even though it is on. Idk why. Quite annoying. Also, certain words like "on" don't swipe properly since I got the S8 with its curved screen. This was not an issue on earlier phones with flat screens. Still, it is the best swiping app for me. Must have

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