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This is one brilliant keyboard. New update enables you to float it wherever you want. It is accurate. The only bit that isn't brilliant is the writing recognition. I use a galaxy note tablet and would like to use the stylus more. But I can live without it. Apart from that, excellent!.... Update. Still no improvement to text recognition. It's hopeless! Further update- STILL no improvement to text recognition. It really is abysmal. It world just complete an excellent app. 5 star

This app has gotten progressively worse over the past few years (more bloat, loss of accuracy, etc.), though it still seems to be one of the best available overall. Unfortunately it frequently fails to choose the correct words while I'm swiping, and often inserts ridiculous things that I'd never say. I'm constantly having to go back and fix words, and remove stupid suggestions from the dictionary (like why is "Tre", a word I've never used, being inserted when I'm trying to type "the" which I use all the time?). Perfect!

Would give it a 5 with improved autospacing options. Still, it is the best mobile keyboard app I've found so far. I'm just really picky about keyboards. Pretty good

Clean keyboard, excellent shortcuts. There are many free templates, bolding, etc. to customize to get the amount of key contrast you want. I usually opt to have the number row but most times just tapping the upper row letters without long press Swype will already predict numbers as options. To improve: It would be helpful if the '%' is more easily accessible and the Swype keyboard language override the system language. Great job

This (usually perfect) app seems to have been broken by the Android 8.1 update. I can no longer turn off autocorrect, which makes the app essentially unusable. wow lol

Great except currently after typing for a little while press and hold stops working, usually after pressing enter. Very annoying since I use a lot of "s... Marvelous

I have used Swype for years (& even purchased the paid version & themes) with no complaint, but now just recently I am CONSTANTLY having to confirm that yes, it IS the keyboard I want to use, before I can do anything. It's getting to the point I've just gone back to using the Samsung keyboard just to avoid having to deal with the constant verification process ***EDIT After contacting Nuance, it appears the issue has been resolved. Will update if not. I'm back to my favorite keyboard! (In a pinch, Swiftkey was a suitable substitute) Great!

Update is making me constantly verify keyboard. Old phone - S5 but was fine before. Thank you. LOVE THE APP, user since 2012. Just wow

Normally 5* but with the latest Android update (8.1) the emoji suggestions can't be switched off, yet take up significant screen space... (Pixel) Works perfectly

BEST keyboard app... EVER! Gave it 4 stars ONLY because it does use a LOT of my battery! But I still Love love LOVE it! And I love love love the feature to be able to select all, copy and paste even when long holding doesn't work! It remembers better than Google stock keyboard my words! Just wow

In Chinese language, when you click into the number column It appear something like 4 row x 4 column It's different from when you use English language. Don't know where you get this idea but it's totally inconvenience to use In fact it's difficult to use Pls change it back to same as English number column love it

Best swipe keyboard so far for English, simplified, & traditional Chinese. I switch between these three languages for numerous times a day, swiping input saves my life and uncountable time spent on clicking away in other keyboards ! Definitely worth the price! Omg

This used to be so accurate. What happened? Google keyboard is still more accurate Flawless

Excited and very pleased you finally added a dedicated numbers row. And this app is wonderful because as I go phone to phone and tablet and as their individual stock keyboards usually change, I can stay with the same familiar and wonderful keyboard and never losing my added words to the dictionary. Thanks! Well done!!

Been using swype since the early pre-release betas and always had a love-hate relationship with this app. It is unique in terms of features but gboard is catching up, so whenever i get too annoyed I switch to gboard and keep using it until i find myself switching back to swipe because of missing features in gboard. gboard now also has a copy-paste/selection mode! Works perfectly

Used to be amazing with the accuracy of prediction. But recently prediction had been frustrating. But still happy enough with it to keep using it. Awesome

In Messaging app if you tap built-in emoji icon, it doesn't open emoji drawer unless keyboard is open. If keyboard is closed, Swype screen pops up asking to select keyboard. Fix please! No reason to open keyboard just to send emoji in reply. Other suggestions - make the secondary keyboard and number row available in smaller than 100% keyboard size and on ALL themes. Cool

Paying for this at 65p was great. Had Slide-it and liked it but this I feel is even better for me than many others. Cannot type manually any more due to the smoothness and efficiency of this app. Love it. I have to laugh at others on their expensive designer models tap tap tapping away. 5 star

Would be great! I can't get to the settings quickly. It loves taking me to the theme store...also why can't I get rid of the emotion junk? I don't like it showing up. Recommend

I got Swype years ago and I loved it. Swipe Up to Capitalise is finally back, YES! Finally a number row option...Yes...? No...! Doesn't keep secondary characters except on 100% height keyboard which is stupidly tall and despite there being plenty of room on an 80% high board. Why is it necessary to resync each and every time you issue a new version!?! Surprisingly

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