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Have been using Swype for several years now and I love it. I had tried others (Samsung, Google, swiftkey) and I always come back within a day or two. I do have a few gripes about it here and there, but most seem to either be easily avoided or eventually fixed. For example, if I type something in all caps, it stores it in my predictive text so I would see "the" and "THE". Same went for every word I typed in full caps. Has this been fixed? I'd have to manually go and delete the word, then manually add it in again (to fix the issue that is). Works perfectly

Decent keyboard, but every time it updates it gives you annoying notifications and makes you reset your usage agreement Fabulous!

Each time I try using this keyboard I end up returning to SwiftKey because SwiftKey has a row with arrows that is extremely useful for me. Can we have such a row with arrows in Swype too? Brilliant

Owned this Swype since my first Android Phone, still use this keyboard until now, best swiping keyboards. Perfect!

Swype is ok, but lacking two important features. #1 can't switch between keyboards. There are hundreds of keyboards that offer contextual functionality; I have a keyboard for special emoji, and a keyboard I use in terminal applications. Without a way to trigger the input switcher, Swype is actively suppressing an important feature on my phone. #2 All these themes and no AMOLED black. Insanity! Works perfectly

Great tool for making notes and editing. Great for those who do not want to be confined to pecking on regular keyboards because you're not fast with thumb typing. I've been using for several years and apart from occasional auto correct challenges would not go without my Swype. Worth a go!

Mostly this is a good app, however it's a real pain in the ass to try and select anything to copy or paste and it doesn't let you see what symbols are available on the main keyboard next to the letter. Those are some real big problems. wow lol

Just updated...we'll see. Always swear it's the best by far. I used to use before it was on play store, just research how it all started you'll see it's more worthy than some bells and whistles new keyboard company.. Fabulous!

this was a life saver at first, but it has become worse & worse over time. it's improved since i wrote this old review and i went up to 3 stars lol. it's still kinda annoying how it doesn't get the word right, but it's finally better. despite me going into the settings and asking it not to auto correct or auto capitalize, it will ALWAYS replace "u" with "I", even after i confirm i want "u", esp. with the new double word correction. screws me up about 50 to 100 times a day! that's just one issue. it auto confirms words i didn't choose, etc. these need to be OPTIONS we can set! wow lol

Is there any way to integrate Google voice typing instead of dragon? Dragon is terrible for detecting speech, and unusable. If you do that I would give 5 stars. Go well

When it works it's one really great keyboard; however, there's been more and more times where it just hasn't been working. I'm writing this with g-board because my Swype keyboard goes invisible with the newest Android update. Also, syncing my personal dictionary which had building, street, country names etc didn't work, so I had to hold both devices side by side to get all of my words. Fabulous!

Good solid app. My only complaint is the recognition, which seems to have gotten worse over the years. For example, if I Swype a word and then delete it (because prediction used the wrong word), and then I re-Swype it, maybe the app should try a different word instead of forcing the same one over and over again. I've played with the recognition speed setting, and it doesn't seem to help. Works great

Been using Swype for so many years but it's just frustrating now! Basic corrections are no longer done and the word options presented after swiping are just nonsensical! Dec 17 update: very happy. Swipe words are accurate and I can type faster than before. I have switched back to Swype from gboard. Also, I love that I can reduce the height of the keyboard as I find I can type much more accurately without impacting my speed by reducing the height of the board. Great job

please remove nonsense words from the Hungarian dictionary, please...also this fetish the keyboard has with dashes "-", it's trying to put it in front of every word, I have to go back and delete them each time manually, because it doesn't offer the same word without the dash in the menu. ALSO paste doing do this "swipe from I to space makes big I", I wanted to type "in", if I wanted "I" it just press I, then swipe the next word, to same effect. if you need help with Hungarian, I'll help, free of charge Not bad

Non intuitive words. I don't know how often I have to go back to retype "time" because it puts in tone, tonne, or tinge. You'd think it would realize that 9/10 times I'm trying to write "time." Even as I write this review, it's taking me twice as long to write it. In fact, what I should do is rewrite this review and not correct it so you can see how ridiculous your write prediction is. Otherwise, I like it. Just wow

The swiping between Chinese and English is much better than Google one. there is some few things would like suggest for cangie input (traditional chinese) and need improvement, 1. should have a hardware keyboard key (shift in google keyboard) to switching between chinese & english. 2. zxab for comma, zxad for full stop in chinese typing 3. shift+a doesn't give me an "A" (blue tooth keyboard mode) Looking forward to have a great product Fantastic

ConstantlY uppercases letters near the end of the word for no discernable reason, with no setting that I can find to disable that. Also has zerO context awareness of language: will usually prefer "thigh" to "though", "thus" to "this", and worse. At least the symbols aren't hidden inside a ridiculous submenu like Google's keyboard. Enjoy it!

The keyboard is the best I've tried out if the slide keyboards. I'm very sad we can't add emoji though, which is the reason why this isn't 5 stars. My old phone had the new Android emoji, this one is stuck with the ugly ones and you can't change them. Let me add emoji I like and I'd give it five stars; it's my favourite keyboard. Must have

I've been a loyal, paying customer of this app for years. I love that it's so easy to switch between my two languages so easily. Initially it was brilliant but other the past twelve months the predictions have just got worse and worse. For example "three" is prioritised over "the". "Example" just came out as "Edwardsville"! I've tried clearing my saved words, but out hasn't helped. I really want to love this again. If I was three devs I think it roll back to the version they had a year ago, this is daddy (fast!!) becoming useless. 5 star

I never had a problem before but it's not as good since I've gotten my Note8. It doesn't seem to remember my swiping style nor predict my words as good anymore. I'm not sure why. It was solidly 5 stars before but I had to take a star away as a result. It keeps putting in words I've NEVER used & omits words I constantly do. However, it's still better than the native keyboard & worth the money, hence the 4 star rating. Fantastic

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