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It used to be much better. I started using Swype on Windows Phone and loved it. The Android phone version is far less predictive, resulting in the most common of words being misinterpreted. It loves to autocorrect 'you' into 'yippy' or 'Thor' for example. As often as not, I spend more time correcting missed words than it would take to type them letter by letter. Might want to look elsewhere. Cool

I've been using Swype since my first smartphone. Lately my factory Samsung keyboard had been driving me insane especially with too long of a minimum "long press". I tried a few higher rated free keyboard apps and none of them does the Swype feature any justice. Then I downloaded the free trial of this app and fell in love all over again. I immediately bought the full version. I've forgotten all of the badass shortcuts and didn't realize how much I've missed them. It feels very strange not having anything to complain about on my phone anymore. That's why I was compelled to write this review. Works perfectly

I use this keyboard on all my devices! I can't type with (') the apostrophe, because erase the other words ex: (can't) I type "can", after I type (') the apostrophe, delete "can" and remais ('s). Correct the apostrophe bug. This issues remains 2 or 3 years! Great!

The speech to text is awful. The mic takes forever to stop recording add often just quits. The keyboard used to be great years ago, always getting my words right. If it was the wrong word, the correct one was always in the predicted word selection. But not anymore. Not sure why the app is sucking now. Typing this review took forever because I had to keep correcting everything. If I left the mistakes, youd read this having no idea what I'm saying. I'm probably going back to Google keyboard. The gestures are great though... Cut copy paste is very useful. The speech to text issue annoys me most. Worth it!

I got Swype pre-installed on my last smart phone, and when I got my new one I tried to get used to the Google Gboard, but it just isn't as good. Swype is just fantastic, I had to get it again. Marvelous

the delay of changing language become longer and longer by time. need to clear language data to make it no delay. if this problem fixed I will rate 5 stars Highly Recommend.

I have used this keyboard before but I'm glad I went back. Works great. Dragon voice recognition works well too. Perfect!

Every update this app asks the user to set it up again for no apparent reason given my preferences haven't changed since before the update. This is annoying and it would be nice if it stopped doing so. And no, I do not want to make an account with you to save my preferences and offered words. 5 star

I've used this keyboard for years & have loved it. Unfortunately, the swipe accuracy for understanding what word I'm trying to type has significantly decreased over the last several updates. It acts like it no longer keeps track of commonly used words to aid it's accuracy. Brilliant

A reliable, full-featured keyboard. If you like gesture input, this keyboard is for you! The dictionary is robust, and customization is great. Love the cut-copy-paste and other editing commands. Have tried many others but keep coming back to this. Great for Swype, but BARELY ADEQUATE FOR VOICE input. VTT is a quirky, but fairly accurate--pausing after speaking the first word helps, as it is often missed. Also, it sometimes takes awhile to process voice input our misses it altogether. Better to speak one long input, or exit out then return between speaking. Knocked off another star because the keyboard returned to default appearance despite my settings. Even if I can fix it eventually (perhaps with an update), that the company would do this to its users breaks trust and confidence with the us and I cannot in good faith recommend it. Works great

In Messaging app if you tap built-in emoji icon, it doesn't open emoji drawer unless keyboard is open. If keyboard is I'll closed, Swype screen pops up asking to select keyboard. Fix please! No reason to open keyboard just to send emoji in reply! Other suggestions - make the secondary keyboard and number row available in smaller than 100% keyboard size and on ALL themes. Marvelous

Would be 5 stars, but now there's a stupid emoji bar I can't get rid of. Apparently unchecking the box is just for show 5 star

Still is the very best keyboard for Android devices. Been using it for years. I try others from time to time, but I always return to Swype. The only complaint I have about it is the built in Dragon dictation. It's not nearly as responsive or accurate as Google Voice. It would be nice if they would allow users to switch away from Dragon to Google Voice, but it's not possible without using one of those developer website root mods (I'm not rooted). Amazing!

Still the best for swipe typing. Others are good but Swype continues to get all the little things right, like no spaces after periods in web addresses. Swipe trails seem just right without being distracting. No distracting extra features. I can actually get things done with few errors or re-dos. Recommend

Unfortunately forgets the frequency of new words I have added fairly regularly. Hates the word about, almost always suggesting alt instead. But generally good. Pretty good

I tried Swype for a week just to see if it was as stupid as I thought it would be. After a week I couldn't go back. I've been using it since 2012 and it is by far the best keyboard out there. There are imitators but nothing as good. Not bad

I have the paid version. From time to time a screen pops up asking me if I want to use swype. With that screen the phone locks and I can't go further. I would like to prevent that screen from activating in this paid version! How can I do that Marvelous

The way it auto corrects certain words has been a bit off the past few iterations. Giving it 4 stars because it just updated and seems a tad improved. Highly Recommend.

This app is by far the best out of most keyboards I've used. It does however have a lot of trouble Swyping the word about. It literally chooses anything closely related first. Please FIX*** Cool

Version 3.2.4 still can't support Swype using Pinyin. This feature got broken in version 3.x. Similar features though work in Samsung keyboard or Google Pinyin keyboard apps. Please fix. Worth a go!

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