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The latest update broke the chinese keyboard. I am unable to type with quick cangjie (qwert) and handwriting won't register. Please fix asap. Works perfectly

Edit: back to 5 stars. Swype team responded and told me to download the latest Chinese package from the language list. Now it's working better than before because it supports cursive handwriting now. Chinese handwriting suddenly stopped working on my s7 after the latest update. The interface is still there but no response at all after attempts of writing. Restarting the phone didn't solve the problem. Please fix. For clarification, this had been the best keyboard for android I could find for English/Chinese swipe/handwriting/voice input. 5 star

They listened to users. Finally. This has great swiping. A dedicated number row, long press for special characters, gestures for things like capitalizing individual letters in a word, and more customizable. After advances in other keyboards and this one stagnating, it wasn't quite so good until recent updates improved performance and features. Fabulous!

In Messaging app if you tap built-in emoji icon next to send button, it doesn't open emoji drawer unless keyboard is open. If keyboard is closed, Swype screen pops up asking to select keyboard. Fix please. No reason to open keyboard just to send built-in emoji in reply. Besides that there is huge improvement over previous version. Just a suggestion - make the secondary keyboard and number row available in smaller than 100% keyboard size. Well done!!

Update 7 Oct 2017: Secondary character totally broken. Do something, Swype! Used others, nothing beats Swype when it comes to multilingualism. Once, twice Swype asks you to choose the right word as you flit around between different languages and off it goes, giving you accurate suggestions, effortlessly. Just wow

Still the best swiping keyboard, but way too outdated. No smart functions, still gives me "prey" or "Perry" as options when tried writing "pretty" for the hundredth time, and bilingual input is just badly implemented. Come on guys, invest in improving your input and charge for that, not silly themes. Enjoy it!

I have, until recently, kept trying other keyboards looking for the perfect one. But guess what, that doesn't exist. I keep returning to Swype because I now believe it is as close to perfect as we're gonna get. It's a pretty damn solid keyboard, and I'm all set looking elsewhere. Highly Recommend.

No fix, so I've removed 1 star. After latest update gesture for entering upper case symbols (swyping above keyboard) ceased working. Otherwise nice keyboard. I use it since coming to Android platform. Must have

Finally the guys delivered a brilliant update, all the emojis are there and the keyboard seems working much better! I was just hoping for a new default themes that match the new Pixels colors (the blue instead of the green)! Otherwise I'm very happy with the latest update! Keep it up!! Worth it!

What happened to the four x four grid box for selecting hiragana like the way it exists in the Google Japanese Input keyboard? I know that was present before the latest update. Nuance replied was responsive to an issue that I had before and now that's sorted out. Well done. Would love to get the 4x4 hiragana grid back but in the meantime I'll have to use Google's Japanese Input keyboard for that. It's no biggie. Go well

Sync my dictionary is very strange. Suggestions: add to themes favourite list. Add try to view theme for free. And please add checkbox "enable key borders". Do not duplicate themes. Marvelous

The latest version has finally fixed the bug where you couldn't get suggestions for previously typed words, hurrah! But would it be too much to have a number row AND have the alternative characters visible on the keys? G board (what I was using while the bug was there) manages that fine. Enjoy it!

I was a SwiftKey fan until I decided to download Swype and give it a try. I never looked back and am now a big fan and have recommended it to many friends. Update 11/05/15 - I am still a big fan of the Swype keyboard and amaze myself at times at how quickly I can type text messages etc using it. If you are not a user, download it and give it a try. Update March 2017 - recent updates have not done this app any favours, please revert to the version of about a month ago so I can, once again, rate it as 5*. For example, please reinstate the Swype up to capitalise feature. 6/10/2017 Swype up to Capitalise has been restored, brilliant, thank you! Delighted to return my rating to 5*. Works great

Nice update. Now you can see secondaries and number row but it works only if your keyboard size is 100%. Otherwise secondaries characters disappear. Is it feature or bug who knows :) Maybe in further updates developers will add ability to show 'tab' key in second row by user choose, even if device screen isn't so big ;) Just wow

Japanese handwriting isn't working properly at all. Unless I'm missing something and I'm quite confident that I'm not. Also what happened to the four x four grid box for selecting hiragana like the way it exists in the Google Japanese Input keyboard? I know that was present before the latest update. Great!

This has been the keyboard for me since Symbian days! One of the best ever keyboards made for the touch interface. My only complain would be the emojis. Please update them to the latest version that Google has released. It's been a while since it is out and is yet to be updated in this app. Flawless

So you've added the number row after so many years and millions of requests, but what's with disabling the secondary characters if number row is active? Also the accuracy seems to have gone for a toss after this update. Edit: FINALLY! the number row and secondary characters, together! You've listened now. 5 stars! Great job

Oh how far you have fallen. This keyboard is currently worthless on my Galaxy Tab S2. Even though I have the settings set to auto capitalize the first word of the sentence, it does nothing at all. Every word has to be manually capitalized. Spelling is terrible. I absolutely hate it! I'm writing this review because I'm at the Play Store choosing its replacement. I've been a loyal Swype user for many years, but we are now parting ways. Surprisingly

As promised I'm updating my review back to 4 stars because the Swype above the keyboard to Capitalized Words Has Returned. No fricking idea why it left but I'm ecstatic that it's back. Awesome. Amazing!

FINALLY restored the above the keyboard shift gesture! Been waiting an eternity but stuck with Swype because it's still my favorite keyboard even without that. Now that it's fixed...5 stars! Fabulous!

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