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There are so many things I like about this keyboard, but unfortunately text input is not one of them. Been using it a while trying to get it to 'learn' me, and yet even after this and learning my Gmail, it will still change simple everyday words like 'wait' to 'warrior' and others I can't even recall because I've never used them in a sentence. I want to love it but it makes it so difficult. Worth it!

After today's (10.5.17) update, I can confirm swiping up from the screen will now capitalize words/letters again!!! Thank you for fixing that! I now applaud the dedicated number row option and the secondary characters widening at the same time! Thank you for fixing that! However, there is one glitch with showing the secondary characters and number row. I had the height of the portrait keyboard at 90%, and at that height, the secondary characters won't show. I'm guessing not enough real estate at 90%. Understandable. Request time: Now, please improve the emoji layout. Specifically, allow me to scroll through them vertically (not horizontally)!!! It's faster and more efficient. And please incorporate GIFs in the keyboard and update to the latest emojis. Thanks for the improvements, I have been using another keyboard since the previous atrocious update to Swype. I'm back for now, but would love to see the requested updates above. Highly Recommend.

Minor nitpick: The emoji list is incomplete. There are certain emojis I can see just fine, but can't send. The LG keyboard has the same problem, but the Google keyboard has a complete emoji list. Thing is, I don't really like the Google keyboard. I really only use it for the emojis Swype and LG don't have. For me, that's just Marvelous

A bit disappointed. This came with my old phone but not the new one so I bought it and guess the new version is a step backwards. Worse at understanding what I'm writing and the voice to text is God awful. Guess it's back to default or looking for a new app. Uninstalled 5 star

I've only ever gotten Swype to sync manually and on Wi-Fi. Curious. Otherwise, it's pretty ideal. The high contrast option was long in coming but the theme store went from dry to bursting, so that's great. This keyboard may be a little less 'fun' than swiftkey, but my word predictions tend to be the fifth given, and swift only ever gives three at a time plus their ui lacks a certain aesthetic refinement. Swype has been giving auto spacing problems lately but no biggie. The predictions are second to none. Flawless

Why dont ANY of the Secondary Characters SHOW Up ANY of the Themes?? I have checked to yes, yet they arent there!! This app was cool when it first came out but its lacking features, like the secondary characters....!! But ok then. Fabulous!

The themes are better as well. I had one suggestion: Add a feature that changes the theme after a certain amount of time has passed/after bringing up the keyboard a number of times. Something like one theme during the day and another during the night. I have purchased so many themes and it sucks I have to dig into settings to change it every time. Not bad

With the last update, I couldn't get the Voice key to go away. I don't use it, and I hate hitting it on accident. Even disabling it in Swype settings left it on keyboard. If you are having the same issue, go into your phone's Android app settings. Disable the microphone permission for this app, then you can finally be free of that key. Perfect!

**somethings gong on, it's getting worse.. Swype used to be excellent in recognition*** and for God sake, hey rid of Dragon! I've been using for years... Everything back to the way it used top be !! Thank you for listening!!! 5 big stars wow lol

It seems as though the app is getting worse. I use it all the time, two different phones (LG G6 & S7) and I would say it's at less than 50% successful. I have switched back to the oem keyboard. Maybe the next update will be better. Go well

I love the keyboard but DragonSpeech is the worst voice typing software out there, not once does it get any of my words right. I talk simple words and it types out words I didn't even know that were in the dictionary LOL. at least Google speech 8/10 times is right Awesome

I tried using other keyboards for swiping words but none are as accurate and intelligent as Swype. Love the themes, the settings and the response. Seems like the latest version has more difficulty differentiating swiped words compared to previous updates and it's been a hassle to re-read and correct those mistakes. I'm constantly swapping between this keyboard and the LG keyboard as a result. Overall, still good. Perfect

BETTER THAN ALL! Google GBoard sucks and is invasive.Swiftkey sucks as is all about smilies and is inaccurate. Swype has best languages (inc EN-AU) and not just US English. Plus themes if you want! Pretty good

What happened to swiping up to capitalize the word you're typing? Bring that feature back and you'll get your 2 stars back. Edit (2/5/2018): You brought the feature back! Love you guys. Great!

I like your keyboard swiping features better than others but I like Google's voice voice to text feature better than yours. too bad you don't allow people to choose what voice to text feature they want to use with your keyboard. I'll probably just stick with Google then. Enjoy it!

Concept of the swipe keyboard is definitely 5 - 6 or 7 stars however now that they've combined the Dragon speaks interface with it I have had more problems to the point that the reason I'm in here giving this review is I'm actually looking for a different swyping keyboard to use. I'm very disappointed in Dragon speaks and it will not let me change it. Not bad

I'm Füçkińģ tired of seeing the last word of my previous sentence show up at the front of my new sentences. FIX IT!!! Other that that? This app is by far the best out of most keyboards I've used. It does however have a lot of trouble Swyping the word about. It literally chooses anything closely related first. Please FIX*** Works great

I bought it. Then came the updates and with each one the predictive input got weirder and weirder. I spend more time correcting it's screw-ups than I do swyping. Awesome

Have used this app for years. It's one of the first things I download on new phones, as typing without it and my custom dictionary is so slow. I love the shortcuts also, like Swype+A to select all, etc. Such a time saver. There's some downsides though, the primary being I think the accuracy has gone down over the years. Another is bugs on certain devices, like I just installed it on my Samsung and I can no longer double tap a word while typing to select it. I'm also missing the cursor move selector thing that helps position the cursor in a block of text. If they can fix the bugs, it would be a 5 star app. Great!

Unfortunately the prediction gets worse and worse. It never learns my preferences even if I correct million times. I sadly read, that's the best swype keyboard in 2018. I would change, but there's no better. Fabulous!

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