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After today's (10.5.17) update, I can confirm swiping up from the screen will now capitalize words/letters again!!! Thank you for fixing that! I now applaud the dedicated number row option and the secondary characters widening at the same time! Thank you for fixing that! However, there is one glitch with showing the secondary characters and number row. I had the height of the portrait keyboard at 90%, and at that height, the secondary characters won't show. I'm guessing not enough real estate at 90%. Understandable. Request time: Now, please improve the emoji layout. Specifically, allow me to scroll through them vertically (not horizontally)!!! It's faster and more efficient. And please incorporate GIFs in the keyboard and update to the latest emojis. Thanks for the improvements, I have been using another keyboard since the previous atrocious update to Swype. I'm back for now, but would love to see the requested updates above. Highly Recommend.

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