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Feels like a real ride I felt like I was on a real log ride at a theme park. Superb graphics. Please make more like this. A scoring system would be great to try and beat your high score each time. Pop up targets like pirates maybe? Treasure chests could be shootable. Different targets with different points based on difficulty. Other levels. I will definitely buy a paid version with more convenient. Maybe you could even have cannon upgrades and/shoot special power ups like fire ball and multi ball. Muito bom!

5 STARS! This is the quite simple the best VR interactive....roller-coaster....log ride...attraction...shooting on the playstore (and its still in beta) !! This game makes me happy!! Can't wait for the full release! (ps: thanks so much for including the game-pad button to fire (that makes it 5 stars for me), this is worth playing with a decent headset but they don't have the magnet..)So yeah let me say it one more time THIS IS AWESOME!! update :just noticed that this version is from October does that mean it will never be finish or completed or expanded or what ever you want to call it? come on guys give us some more levels I will happily pay for a full version!! Cool

That's good game but i can shoot when i slide slide my phone in vr box.. So how to shoot plz tell me Worth it!

NOT compatible with Moga game pad.. i mean REALLY ? WTF ??? so... you have to use a crappy cardboard viewer.. my Zeiss VR One wont work with this game as no magnetic switch.. you NEED to make it more comparable with more Bluetooth game pads ! Works perfectly

OK, so I LOVE LOG rides and cannons!! This game has it all and is VERY well done. Perhaps one of the BEST I have tried so far. Go well

Very nice experience It's the best VR game experience at the moment, my kids love it. But recently there is a problem with the in-game magnetic switch, it's not launching any canons. In the menu the switch works fine. Pls solve the issue. Amazing!

Great VR game Excellent demo and loads of fun. Perhaps the best VR game I've played for cardboard. Develop more please! Marvelous

Loved it! Perhaps the most immersive VR experience I've had yet. I had issues with lag, but rebooting my phone might fix that. Keep up the good work!

Best vr rail shooter to date Like the title says. This was a fun experience worth repeating... To the game developers, I must say keep it up this is not too far from time crisis style game controls are fluid and MOGA pro works nice even though it says it won't. A and B are shoot. Using cardboard and the whole thing is beautiful, perspective, motion tracking and all. The flags physics are cool too, I know I spent 10 min re-running it just to shoot at that flag, well done. make more maps and longer tracks as well as a backwards mode.

Awesome fun! Giving this 5 stars because it is unique and fun. You are on a log ride type Roller Coaster with a pirate theme equipped with a swivel cannon and you try to blow the barrels off these platforms while riding alone and splashing through the water. Worked perfect on my droid Turbo. And this is only the beta version!

Amazing! I just wrote a long review about how amazing this VR app is after trying so many (I have a moto g, so many don't work, so I've seen a ton quickly installing/uninstalling after finding out it wouldn't work.) I hit one button & lost the whole thing, & though I'm in a rush, I'm trying again, because I just loved this one. Since I have no gyro (it told me right away) I don't know how much more the app does, but I was more than happy!!! AWESOME VR APP GUYS!!!!!!!

Wow! Very well done. One of the must have app if you have a Google cardboard or something similar.

Simply luv it, please more more more!! Amazing how smoothly this runs even on an old xperia, kudos to the maker, thank you

Best vr out in my opinion. Smooth graphics and fun gameplay Best vr out in my opinion. Smooth graphics and fun gameplay. I desperately want more

One of my fave vr apps Knowing how hard it is to make good games, this game is so good I can't fault it on anything except maybe it could be longer and the water effects could be better? I'm guessing they'll come in the full version anyway. This app is alto better than some of the paid vr apps out there it's a must have

Love it Really nice menu/hud, love the fact that you enjoy the ride AND get to actually shoot a cannon. The slides were too fast though and i wish the coaster was more extreme, but i loved it anyway

Best VR game! Really liked it, best in-game help and directions, really professionally done. Beautiful graphics! Would purchase if developers make it complete game.

Pretty awesome. It feels like im on a ride at an amusement park and getting to shoot the barrels is a bonus.

Works with mag button M8! Nice game play. More than just a passive VR Demo. Would love to see more levels!

Whoaa Great app, only thing that bothers me is the fps when speeding up - it's like the fps is higher and it doesn't feel realistic.

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