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Swipeout The game is very interesting, great fun and pleasure. Graphics are amazing, very addictive also

Swipe out Swipeout is an innovative casual challenging game. Features and functionality are great.

Swipe out A quick reaction game that offers lots of enjoyment for hours. Easy game play makes it very use friendly. This game is so addictive that you go on and on playing. Love it!

Great game. Original! Really liked this. It reminds me somewhat of tetras, but it is uniquely different . Recommended

Fun and entertaining app This is a cool app. I can spend hours for this game. It's great. I like the tournament matches. That's good and unique. I like it.

Swipe out Great swipe alike squares to compete level game very fast and addictive game play

Fantastic Game is very nice and new to play. Very colorful and nice UI. I love to play this game all the time.

Amazing :) Swipeout is an awesome game with a very unique idea.. Wonderful graphics and controls with great interface. Full of fun to make your free time pretty cool.

Swipe out This game is really good and I am addicted already. I have fun with this game and looking forward to play again.

Enjoyable When i played this game for the first time, I got stuck. With progressing, the game becomes more challenging. Thanks :)

Shakeout Wonderful mind provoking and quick reaction puzzle game. An entirely new and unique concept, fascinating and enjoyable

Swipeout Unique and fascinating puzzle game. Very interesting, engaging, entertaing and mind provoking and quick reaction game.

Excellent Swipeout is fantastic game... Very unique concept fun and enjoyable... Very simple and exciting music.. Perfect for kids. Kids will enjoy this game.

Awesome What a game! I love this game so much. This is total fun. This is interesting game to play the tile matching and you'll have to do it as fast as possible in arcade mode.

Swipe out Very nice and unique puzzle game. Very fascinating thought provoking and entertaining.

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