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I'll give it a five star, if you tell me where to get that awesome berserk wallpaper Not bad

I uninstalled because the icons are not very consistent. Some have flat colors and some have gradients. By the way, I have a lot of pirated apps this app launches normally, no warning messages as of November 25, 2017. Must have

I don't know why there are so many negative reviews about this app. Icons are great if you have any issue stop using pirated apps and start to respect the devs. Go well

Downloaded from the app store but is saying it's unlicensed and that I should delete and redownload. I redownload yet it's still saying it's unlicensed. Maybe a glitch? Downloaded via Google App Store FYI Just wow

Nice clean icons. No messages about Piracy..., but I think most of my apps are from the G App store. I do have an app installed from a website. Does sideloading or Amazon app store trigger it. Well done!!

People are saying app checks for other apps authenticity. That's false. If you downloaded this app from the Play Store, you'll get a license check successful. This app doesn't check for other odd/pirated apps. Works great

Won't let me pass into the app. Saying I have pirating apps installed but i don't have any of it installed on my phone Perfect!

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