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Every libi game has full version which is locked and we have to buy full version....stupid and superstar hair of libi games is one of my favourite Recommend

Lovely game my daughter like this game so much can you give me more games like this game for my sweet doughter lovely lovely lovely so lovely I have no words for this game Works perfectly

It's a good game but it controls are very very very very weak so if it's on get it free it doesn't selects Just wow

Really i enjoyed this game wonder beautiful i like it plz download it 5 star

effective way to the new year to all our love safe for the best thing people to be a bit European legal Superb!

This is a very good game but I just want to suggest something to make it more better that please show a help button because when we are on copy mode sometimes it's really difficult to find out the correct tools and one more thing please unlock all the tools 5 star

Sweet Princess Hair Salon Even Though I Spend Some Money, But It Was Worth It. Graphics So Cute Too, I like All Of The HairStyle Too Fantastic

I think this app having more features than this game will very good so I think this app will provided more accessories Muito bom!

Amazing! So many different options.I unlocked everything using lucky patcher and they are so diverse. Fabulous!

It's features are unbelievable that are amazing I just love this app and the hair rolling is the best instrument and l love that Go well

I think libbi is the best game for my daughter...... We love your games libbi.. Libbi is the best game Pretty good

It is a good game and I want to give it 5 stars but there is many locked things so please open these things it is a request to you thank you Recommend

This game is mine most favourite game ever..I had played so many games but this is "Oh my God" I love this game so this game Enjoy it!

I just love this is a fantastic game please install this game Works perfectly

It is very good easy game but there was some mistakes like there was one thing like hairband,clips,airing,necles more things but it is very much nice game so friends pls update it Must have

Best princess game.... I m not liking any princess game but this game has changed my thinking... Loved its levels...... love it

It's a great game but somethings are locked and those are unlocked we need to get them on clicking on get free Great!

I would give it 5stars bt the hairstyle which us shown in copy mode that is present in real Superb!

i cant see they wear full dress coz my baby like if we can see the dress..pls fix it Surprisingly

This is so amazing but plz fix full dresses because i love it to see wear full dresses Perfect!

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