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I thought this was fake but when I downloaded it,it was the real deal but just don't catfish anyone with this app Flawless

I think its great because its kinda like snapchat but you get more things to chose from. Great job

It's great maybe if you added some thing to help with the eyebrows then that would be great thanks:) Amazing!

I think they should not use stickers but have it the way the original video is like wow Muito bom!

Adds keep popping up and the camera glitches a bit but I had a laugh using it. I don't mind the ads on the app, but even if I'm not using it, adds still pop up. Highly Recommend.

I would give it 4 stars, but to unlock a filter, you have to rate it 5 stars. It would be an amazing app if it didn't have an ad pop upevery 2 seconds! Worth a go!

I love this app because it is so fun and very easy to use when you take a picture you can have nail stickers like doggie faces unicorn horns bunny ears glasses and more heart defects or one of my favorites Omg

Its so gun ,but if you have to get it then I would not because you should just get snap chat it the same......☺☺☺ Surprisingly

Love this app although I only jus5 insalled it I can't wait to use it in the future to make my photos look gorgeous... great app Fantastic

My mum will not let me have Snapchat on till I am 15 but this app is similar to Snapchat so I am not online with other people chatting or snapping.i am only 11 Enjoy it!

App is very good but it is not as it shows up on the advert for you have to really zoom in the pictures to get contacts or eyelashes and I didn't see the eyebrow part Brilliant

Its like Snapchat but just with filters I love this app n prefer to people who don't have snapchat Highly Recommend.

It is ok.Although it has alot of ads. That is so ughhh.but (borning becuse of ads) Fabulous!

This is a good app slash game but the only thing is that the picture are blury but other than that this is a amazing app I like it. Surprisingly

I like it cause it makes me pretty amd has fliters and not only males me pretty it cute filters and i like them Works great

Well this app can do pretty much anything from giving you a funny look to making you beautiful Muito bom!

Never have taken as good of pictures with anything else besides this camera app. This is amazing! Absolutely love it Awesome

I don't have any editing aap in my phone but I love it try it and download it Flawless

I love that this app does not send me out like Snapchat does but it still has the filters! One thing I want on it is the barfing out rainbow filter Good

Love the ways I can edit my photos!! There r so many options to choose from! I think ill actually keep & use this app! love it

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