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It's a good game but many locked things are there. Not Manycure, not Ice - cream shop, not Horse care, not Shopping sale etc.. I had installed all TutoTOONS games but in that also there are many locked things. Can we unlock the the items on any email, account or app? Go well

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I love it It is fun i like it so much but it taks log i get aslep i hope you gef me a Check please i will gef you Check it is good Must have

It's OK.I can give five stars to it but so many things are locked.and we have to do that the game say.I liked it but not to much. Great!

Thanks to all my heart 20th century Fox. If I could get it now and again in my opinion. Great!

Well it's a great game and all but you have to pay for almost everything like dude come on >_> Recommend

It was okk I liked it but not too much because we have to pay real money for unlocking other levels Great job

I wanted to see how the other stuff works for me. Thank you, please. make it better. Have a good day Not bad

U This game is fun you should let everything be unlocked and the adds should be cut but overall I like this game Surprisingly

Worst game only two are unlocked and all other are locked we have to buy with real rupees Not bad

star I like this game very much this game is very interesting please down load this game now thanks Pretty good

Be thankful for what you got because some of these games all the levels are locked so shut up and be thankful for what you have. Ungrateful selves Cool

The amazing game I loved that game because the hair salon is pretty good and nine please rate for this game please and open all the shops please please!!!! Perfect

I didn't have to pay real money to unlock the hair salon manicure horse care and the shopping game I'm happy I don't have to pay real money to unlock all the levels the thing is you have to earn that much money to unlock the level maybe later that much money you've earned will probably say you have unlocked this or that or whatever you have unlocked Flawless

I problem but a big one!!! Because most of the things are locked and we need real money to unlock it that's why the ratings is it's ok instead of loved it so if u can fix it do fix it!!!please! please! please! Superb!

Fatima Godhi This game is okay I love it but not a lot because some levels are locked only two levels are open I don't think you should download it thank you Well done!!

Hi This game is much funxxbut theres a wait to get the other things and they should add more stuff to the hot dogs Awesome

Fun but not Because u have 2 do the same thing over and over till u get to the next level but still love it❤❤❤ Great!

It okay It has a variety of things to do but there not unlocked so... that is something that they can fix. Great job

Sweet baby girl Summer Fun It's so fun I love it so much and I have a Sweet baby sister and she is so much fun. Perfect

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