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Cute love love love it must download it if you are a girl who likes amazing games Highly Recommend.

It was cool but sometimes it gets a bit slow. Also not to be rude but once you get done with the nails and the hair their is nothing else to do and sence i am not aloud to spend money online, all i could do was delete it for storage reasons. Great!

Not good but not that bad I like this game but the hair cutting and dress up is free while the others are not free.I have to buy them with real money.So I dislike this game . I like it's hair cutting .It's funny and amazing.AND I AM WARNING YOU THAT DO NOT SPEND AND WASTE YOUR MONEY IN THIS GAME. Brilliant

Its ok There are 2 unlocked and 1 you have to use coins for it and the rest you have to pay for it i think it needs Changes and all should be unlocked Fantastic

I think that the game would be more fun if we don't buy most of the levels with real money , because its kind of boaring Perfect!

Ni to your shop here today they are highly biased but broadly speaking of your specific features wow lol

I think it is a good game because you get to design the girls and like do all of the girly stuff in one game. Great!

Interesting This game is interesting if you are being for a little girl that wants to be a hairstylist or a dresser for a famous person. Worth a go!

Wow nice the game my loved this game but only three is unlocked and three is locked Flawless

I think it's all right but I don't because you do what you want but it tells you where to cut the hair and it gives you the stuff Great job

Loved I love this game its. So cool and cute for little kids they will play it all day everyday Great job

BEST GAME EVER This is my favorite game because you can unlock levels .My favorite part of the game is doing your nails.My second favorite part of this game dressing people.l hope this gets alot of likes!!!!! Just wow


Loved Whenever i am sad this is the perfect game to cheer me up!I would reccomend you to have a try of this AMAZING game!!!!! Just wow

Some game You mm love this. game but why are the other ones locked I wish. the game did not have any. locks Marvelous

I like it This app could use a few simple updates and there are to many ads. But the app is good. Great job

It is great and I love it It like your playing with your best friend and if you lost your best friend you need to get this game Pretty good

Nice Hai we shoud clean your hair Just wow

Very very nice I just love this game it is very very good and haircut and manicure and etc r very nice . When I play this game I have lot's of fun thank u to make this lovely and beautiful game please make some more games like this please I justttttttttttt love this games thank u please play this games it is very good and nice and it doesn't has more adds Great!

Love it but... I always had a glitch that a add comes up and when I press X my screen was black and it always says sorry,Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon has stopped. Not bad

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