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I'm using Sweat to follow BBG and I love it! I can't beleive how much I have been able to stick to it :) Regarding the app, I would like to know if there are any foreseen improvements for the integration with google fit... Unfortunately I can't see my activity updated there. thank you! :) Flawless

I appreciate the workout program for what it is - a good way to build the core and lose weight on arms and legs, and it would have suited my goals perfectly just a few years ago. My workout goals since then have changed completely and I want to build strength. I'm keeping this app for a month because it has good plyometruc exercises and I feel it's very good if you are looking for core strength but it won't suit my long-term needs unfortunately. Great job

The workouts are amazing but the app has a view things I hope the end up fixing. For instance I'm restarting at week one but instead of starting from scratch it's copied and pasted my previous week one showing that I have already completed the workouts. My main issues are with the planner, it's a little hard to use. Cool

I like the app and the workouts are really good with great demonstrations.. I can't seem to add the power workouts into my training calendar though? Is this possible? Flawless

So sire today and haven't been in months. This will light the fire that you need. Well done!!

The material the app provides is really good and being able to see each excercise in videos and having a follow up is really helpful to keep you going. Brilliant

I was honestly nervous of all the 1 star reviews, but I noticed most of them were just complaining about having to pay for it. A workout plan with this extensive is definitely not going to be free. It literally has everything. The time and effort it took to put into this app really shows in the workout and meal plans, not to mention the other resources! I am also super impressed by the vegan meal plan. I was really nervous it was just going to have a bunch of salads, but the meals are great and filling! As for any bugs or glitches; I haven't noticed any yet. However, if I did, their customer services is super helpful and I'm sure they would fix any issues! Muito bom!

I love how easy it is to use this app. The variety of workouts is great, and the meal ideas are great too! Pretty good

Good job with the app. Its a bit hard to figure out first but once you get the hang of it not a big issue. I would give 5 stars if items in the workout schedule could be dragged and dropped around to alter the plan. Hopefully this is coming up in your next releases. Marvelous

Love this app. Easy to follow workout plan and an awesome community to keep you motivated to finish each week. I highly recommend! Worth it!

I absolutely love this app!! It has made a program perfect for my needs. I find the app easy to use and understand, helpful, and has loads of very kool features such as the ability to share and track my progress and workouts, take before and after pictures, and schedule my workouts, just to name a few out of the many usueful things this app can do. I like that that the app is interactive, meaning it will prompt me to do certain things as I've competed something. It really feels like I have a real trainer. I like that the app is flexible with my workouts meaning I can change programs if I want and the eating plan is a good general guideline. Thanks Kayla I'm really motivated now that I have such good guidance. Awesome

Very awesome app. Love that you can do switch between bbg and pwr and you're not limited to one program Not bad

There are glitches in the app itself which is the only reason I'm not giving 5 stars. The program is amazing and has worked wonders for me Superb!

The workouts are great. The app needs some work: -Does not sync to my calendar, even though I have it selected in my settings -Completing the excersise doesn't sync with my activity scheduler -I have it set to sync with my Google fit, it doesn't -Would prefer that the BBG program didn't require equipment like a jump rope, bench & now medicine ball -Would like voice guidance throughout the workout I have the latest app on a Google Pixel. Pretty good

I like most of how this app is designed with two exceptions: it would be nice to add audio to the yoga flows to know when to switch position. It isn't very fun craning my neck to stare at my phone. A simple little voice saying "downward dog" then "plank" and so on would be very helpful. Also, as far as I have explored, it doesn't look like we have the ability to swap out meals in the meal plan. I'm a vegetarian who is allergic to lentils. When a lentil recipe comes along I can't change it out for something else. Those are the two things I hope to see improvements on in the future but everything else is fabulous and I'm not sorry I switched from the guides to the app! Not bad

I LOVE this app! It have all the instructions on how to do the workouts and to make sure you got the right posture. Also is very motivating! I love the workouts, they're really good, I'm sweating like crazy especially when it's leg day haha and I'm seeing results already !! (I'm going into my 4th week on Monday) If you're a no-gym person or someone who doesn't have the time/money for the gym like me, this is perfect! I find the price is more than fair because it's cheaper than gym memberships plus, weekly meal plan ideas are included. I love the fact that we can change back and forth from home workout version to gym version :) One thing I wish they could add: Alternative workout for people with back problems. I have a weak back (I'm in my 20s lol) and some of their abb workouts hurt my back,. They have alternative workouts if people want more of a challenge but if they can add alternatives that are back-friendly (or other bodily issues others may be facing) that would just be awesome! I'm going to change my monthly to annual membership (it's cheaper that way & it motivates you to be consistent in your workouts throughout the year) Amazing!

Finished 1st week. Workouts are good and challenging, looking forward to next week, hoping over time it will build my strength fitness up Awesome

This app is great! You can do original bbg or even weightlifting. For someone who doesn't know much about weightlifting, it's really cool having a moving image show you what your suppose to do. It keeps track of all your workouts and even gives you day to day meal plans! Worth it! Surprisingly

Great workout plans, helps you get motivated and going to lose the weight you want. Enjoy it!

I was so excited to get this app and now feeling so disappointed. I have been wanting to do BBG but suffer from diastasis recti after having my son, so I knew I wasn't ready for it and didn't want to make my abdominal separation worse. So I bought the app because of Kelsey Wells' PWR program, which is supposed to be safe for people with DR. After paying for the app, I realized that her program is meant to be done in a gym setting. I would never have purchased the app had I known that. I downloaded it to do workouts at home INSTEAD of the gym. I feel so disappointed and now feel that I've wasted money. And to top it off, the app is glitchy, so when I clicked the PWR workout, it pulled up the yoga workout, and I had to click through the other workouts just to find it. Worth a go!

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