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Earlier it's worked now says some java problem Not working properly, as I have launch the complaints but now all the data is vanish. How to follow the complaints. Will the problem be rectified or not love it

No option to report construction waste. Also, reopen of complaint can be done within 24 hours only, but resolved can be updated ant time, so complainant has to check daily. And resolved can be updated without actually doing the work Go well

New update and app is not displaying any content on screen. Please somebody do something. I had ok experience with it last time and want to raise complaint Flawless

It is good App but after Swachh Surveskshan 2018 the App has stopped working. It does not work ever after update. Works great

App was so good but there is a lag in the APP i.e., in the App No option for NO TOILET IN MY AREA So please ensure to add "NO TOILET IN MY AREA"... Works great

It's really a great initiative and the most underrated. But I think it should cover drainage canal cleaning too. Awesome

Ther is no option for drainage pipeline issue include the option in aap the response is very good for complaint Superb!

Very Good activity for cleaning india. Presently intalled. But, if really this work. New india we will see. Clean India. Well done!!

Very very nice app......well done Guys...... After updating the app I am unable to log in.. please look out in the issue.... Thank you Amazing!

Loved it Thank U Modi Ji And thank U Nagar Nigam for this app. I complained twice and workers came next day for the action. It does not require the address as it uses the location of the place we are sending the image. Muito bom!

This app is very good location. yracking is very high quality. complaints are solved fastly. App modify with nearest local toilet. App limited for ausa city Just wow

Good initiative but some suggestions- allow to upload a full length video as well and also notifications when the complaint has been addressed or the progress of it. Enabling tagging of the authorities will be good too Recommend

It's a pretty good app just get those bug fixed like adding landmark wouldn't help it just gets an error of java script & complaint could not be posted wow lol

स्वच्छ भारत एप्लीकेशन में स्वयं की कंप्लेंट को डिलीट करने का ऑप्शन होना चाहिए जो बहुत जरूरी है कभी कुछ गलत लिख जाने पर गलती से सेंड हो जाने पर डिलीट जरूरी होता है Works great

Should also have the option to give feedback/suggestion e.g. Burning Tree Garbage/ Waste should be added as complaint type Recommend

Complainant have to be given facility of writing complaint on this app because some types of complaint are not included in this app Enjoy it!

Initially the software was fast and stable, but now software is not working properly, pictures are not visible fully in software , hanging out so many times. Please make it more stable Complaints ,which was not resolved actually but on your Swachhta App. it shows resolved. How the officers can put the status resolved without any verification or inquiry in the street or mohalla form which the complaint is post , So this software treat as "MODI's EVM, pole your vote to anybody the EVM will Pole to MODI.... same as post any complaint ,it will show "RESOLVED" Highly Recommend.

You should add a feature to let anyone report if his/her complaint is not solved. Marvelous

It's not work all the time. It's down since three days. Quality needs improvement. It's field should be vast like encroachment on roads and waste water disposal etc be included Fabulous!

MoHUA need to appoint Swachhata Vigilants at public places to heavily penalize those who litter at public places, who are habitual to spit at public places, etc. Highly Recommend.

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