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A unique and fun wilderness survival game. The interface makes it seem turn based but it is actually in real time, which is pretty cool! However, like a few others have asked, are the traps actually working in the new version or is it bugged? I've dismantled traps sometimes right away, sometimes after like 12 hours. It all never works. Or are the chances extremely low for traps? Muito bom!

I have been here since this game first came out on android, and have been playing every update since then. I love the way this game has developed and the future updates sound exciting. This is a captivating, and challenging game with a simple concept. The creators of the game are obviously creative individuals with a passion for game making. You can see it in the work they've put into the game. Perfect

Really fun to play, but the game really easy once you figured out hunting fish way easier than animals. I stop at creek for 3 days to filling my package with smoked meats, water bottles, and getting everything max out, then I can traveled like 2-3 location in a roll without worry of anything bad will happen. And when I reach a creek again, just make the same process. ---------- Update. The game is now hard enough to play. I am looking forward for new features and updates. Perfect

10/10 Amazing survival simulater, smooth and easy controls. Very addictive game. Prepared is actually a lot harder than survivor difficulty. So dont be affraid ;-) Message to devs, Great work the new update is brilliant!! Please keep up the good work maybe add a new area or two to unlock next update. Fabulous!

I really love this game! Its a great way to pass the time, and surviving is always interesting and challenging. I do wish the it was easier to catch animals. It's pretty difficult to catch anything, even with a bow and any other hunting tools in my inventory. Omg

Great game but the hunting seems to never work I would find animals but they would always escape. Idk if I'm doing something wrong or it's just really rare to succeed. Muito bom!

I actually have liked this game in the past but now I'm more than a little dismayed at the price. I'd be willing to pay $2, maybe $3 but not $7.50 and certainly not $13. The game is ok, gets kinda repetitive after a few plays and isn't worth as much as you're asking. Bring down the price and I'll pay for the full version. Awesome

I never thought I would have so much fun playing a game that killed me the first three times. Then I understood the mechanics a little better and I made it. Still can't figure out how to make a torch but I'll figure it out. Awesome game. Would be interesting if there were maybe some different openings or maybe custom scenarios. I think it would be cool if there could be another survivor either as a random encounter or from the start, tasks would get better rewards but you'd need bigger shelters & more food Perfect

I haven't played this game in over a year so when I download it again I was kind of disappointed at the new updates, now it has a "full version" that makes you pay for things you already used to have. But i absolutely love this game with a passion, this game has made a lot of great memories for me when I'm bored or when I just want to feel like a survivalist. This game is extremely realistic and I love it I recommend it to anyone who is a survival enthusiast. Perfect

Weapons never seem to work unless the animal is injured. I've never managed to kill one that wasn't injured or not moving. Also it'd be nice to have more information about the scenarios. Swamp is fun and all but it gets boring sitting on a hill for 60+ days waiting for a helicopter. I've got 10 snare traps, plenty of water, etc but there's just no end in sight so it's such a grind. I don't even know if a chopper will come. I've heard online of 999 days and no pickup. Superb!

Amazing game, I've loved it since it first came out. But I can't give this a 5 star because how is it possible that I've been playing this game since there was only one scenario, the controls were completely different, all the graphics were different and my loyalty is rewarded by asking me to now pay for the game?! That's so uncool. love it

A very fun game. Each play through is unique and challenging. I've been playing for a long while now and each update bring a better and better experience. A lot of work has clearly gone into this! Definitely worth playing! Surprisingly

I absolutely love this game, it can be very challenging but also so rewarding. There are barley any adds and you can get rid of those permanently. But it is so fun and my favorite Mobil game I've ever played Great!

I don't know what happened to this game. It's cool that there are places to choose but many just don't load and directs me to the main screen of the game. Also where is the crafting a trap feature? It used to be so obvious before... Not a fan of the updates because it's too buggy now unfortunately. Omg

Installed/uninstalled multiple times!! Simple game, pretty hard to beat, which makes it all the better! I try different games to help pass my downtime, but when I look for other games to try, I always find myself reinstalling this game! It has definitely come a long way from when I first started playing it! Marvelous

Love this game. Latest version I bought the wolf version I feel th developer has earned every cent and am looking forward to whats next. I am a bit confused though I cant seem to trap any animals or hunt them, no matter the difficulty. Only been able to fish successfully, the old version always gave me something in a snare at least twice in a game but usually more often then that. Now since the update and purchase, I have only been able to catch fish. What am I missing? Muito bom!

I love this game, but for some reason it won't save my progress in any of the games I play and will make me have to start a new game almost every time and the challenges I complete aren't saved in the actual game, but the achievements I get from completing challenges/achievements are saved but only in google play as an in game achievement. Other than that, there is nothing bad about this game! Pretty good

Updated review Dec 6. So many issues fixed it's great! And one fatal bug that ruins it :( spontaneous death for no reason after like 20 days. Died on swamp scenario after 200+ miles. Twice. Very frustrating. Re hunting, suggest you get rid of tracking. It's never worth it. Instead, every time you travel you should have a chance to see an animal. Resting 1hr actually hurts you, pls fix. Re Explore, rope material too common. I throw so much away. Need more bait. Thx! Works great

I loved the game . It is really realistic and great time killer. The only problem i have is that after 20 days i keep dying from injuries but i have 80 condition . Can you please tell me why this happens? Cool

Played the game for a few weeks now (free version till I can afford the full one) won the pike lake scenario a few times but finding it impossible to win the swamp game. I'm currently on day 41, hunting has never worked, even after sacrificing my knife for a hunting spear fish traps have never worked and no matter how far I walk I can't get to civilization. Other than that a really good game. Hoping I will win some games when I buy the full version. Great job

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