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It's good so far. I see why I haven't been getting many surveys over the last 3 months. Once you try to cash out the first time, the app blatantly says "Higher app store ratings means more surveys." I have a screenshot to prove it. So now I'm rating it 4 stars; because I'm basically forced to if I want more surveys. So yeah, there's that. Works perfectly

Just cashed out for the first time. Took a while and you may not qualify for all the surveys but you get paid $0.10 if you get booted so it all adds up Go well

You don't get surveys all the time but when you do they are usually worth $2-$4. I have cashed out twice so far. Only legitimate survey app that I have found so far love it

Nice Useful app I just make $10.20c and make my first transaction to PayPal account secsisfuley Just wow

Im a skeptic but this app really works! Just got my first payment for $42 and had fun doing it!! Kiddos to Surveys on the Go for a gear app that serves what it says it does. Works perfectly

Although it can take a while to get surveys & some may not pay out well if you don't qualify, I've still gotten some better ones that pay much more. So it adds up & worth the effort. I just cashed out $15 & started this app almost 2 months ago. That's not bad, decent app over all. Just wow

It worked great for a while, I was able to get to the 10 dollar minimum to cash out within a couple months, after that though I'm only getting a survey every couple weeks, if I'm lucky. Maybe they don't like people actually withdrawing their money and stop sending surveys once people have cashed out once? EDIT-I've been getting more surveys since this review, maybe that's all it took to get more surveys sent. Just cashed out for the second time! Highly Recommend.

Finally one of these apps that actually works and doesn't rip you off. Don't expect a fortune, but it's good for a buck or two. UPDATE: After I cashed out the first $10, it's been impossible to get any surveys. I've been stuck at $3 forever. wow lol

Although it takes a while for surveys to pop up but when they do it is worth the effort. It's going to take a while but it IS POSSIBLE unlike other surveys i have tried. Just a little patience and u can work ur way to cash out. Update: its been two to three months since I started using it and worked my way to 10 dollars. This app works. It could have taken a shorter time period but most of the three dollar surveys i was not qualified for it. Pretty good

I probably tried at the very least 50 surveys getting only 10 cents at a time for what I wasn't "qualified" for. A handful were for 50 cents. I was only able to complete 1 survey that had the "not all will qualify" comment. I earned $4.75 on that one and it finally put me past the $10 redeem mark. I was stunned it didn't tell me I wasn't qualified at 95% complete like most of the others did. Which is extremely frustrating, btw, lol. But, if you have the patience, I will say it was very nice to buy a couple cheap movies off Amazon. And thanks to the $12 gift card, the balance left for me to pay was just 10 cents....gotta love the 10 cent irony. =) Marvelous

It's a decent app for a few extra dollars. Takes a while to get the $10 needed to cash out though. If you don't qualify for the surveys they usually give you $.10 for trying. Fantastic

Easy way to earn a little extra money. Even if you do not qualify you get 10 cents, super easy to cash out. Cool

Just had my first cash out $10 took some time but hey who doesn't enjoy free money for a few min of your time from time to time. Great app. Great!

I've had Surveys On The Go installed on my phone for quite some time & have only cashed out one time. It's honestly a waist of time, at least for me it is, but some say they are able to cash out way more frequently. Just try it for yourself, before going based on all these comments, everyone and every situation is different. love it

Cashed out twie. Takes some time but when I do a survey on my breaks. It's not all bad. Cool

Love it get paid faster then any other .Takes 5 seconds. More surveys please don't get meny but it's very very good app. Down load it Just wow

This is by far the best app of it's kind. Notifies me when I have surveys, which are quick and easy, and it actually pays. The support team are prompt and courteous, and the app itself is simplistically gorgeous. It may take you a minute to get that first pay out, but stick to it! You'll thank me when you start seeing $60+ surveys!! Not bad

I check this app daily just to see if I get more surveys so far what everyone has said is true. You have to wait days maybe even a week or so to get surveys. If you dont qualify all you get is $.10 its kind of disappotting when you take time to fill these surveys out and at the end get the not qualified result. Also I've noticed that the won't automatically credit you. I've had to wait days just to see if a $4.00 survey I did was approved and it got rejected. It also doesn't state why it got rejected which is another issue. So far ive had only one survey rejected. Id like to see some improvements in this app. Worth a go!

Just as advertised, after a couple months I redeemed my gift card in Amazon perfectly ok. Don't expect to get money really fast Great!

Easy to use. Although, sometimes gets a little aggravating trying to qualify for surveys, but otherwise it's quick money for giving your opinion. No shopping required either. Works perfectly

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