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it is good for little girls but it is boring just to dress them very very boring Worth it!

l think it is a best game in the world please install this game it is very fantastic game really I love it this game Cool

Amazing how fast I can get to the shop and know what I want Fav app Superb!

It is really fun that you can design people and your way and they need to restart and put them in a better way and it is very reaction and you should very much Travis if you don't then sucks to be you because you're missing out on all the fu and if you don't like it which I gave you it's fine and it sucks to be me that you didn't like so bye hope you like this So now you know about this game cuz I just told you and if you don't really like it I'm sorry that I told you that Muito bom!

I didnt really like it because when you finish all the girls they don't give you anymore girls. Must have

It's a very nice and interesting that I have attached my self to the game. but it was having less characters in the game so I'm hoping you That you will find some more characters Recommend

I love this game. Dont listen to al the bad and rude comments. This game is the best game ever in history. #peace love it

It is really a good game Perfect!

I like this game theres all sorts and when u finish a style u can press restart and then u get to do new styles Awesome

Nice game it is having good dresses you can download it if you have time to play Cool

This Game Is The Best could use a little improvement but apart from that AMAZING GAME Awesome

OMG i love it have coolparty style and princess style i play this game every hour Great!

A very nice game for girls. The controls are easy to understand, graphics are high quality, clothes range from casual to glamorous and the only limit seems to be the player's imagination and fashion sense. Wonderfull! Highly Recommend.

It's awesome! I had so many possibilities, it was hard to choose which outfit I liked best <3 Fantastic

So many fashion choices! I could play this for hours, it looks so good ❤️❤️❤️ best dressup game so far Not bad

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