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Hi A good game but whenever we get to the register it always says we missed a product..... Very annoying fault Awesome

I liked it but the thing is the kid keeps grabbing whatever it wants and I have to get rid of it. And the same advertisement keeps popping up. Surprisingly

Lol fun lol fun and great time killer and really cool I may be 11 but I still think its fun Flawless

Everything is awesome,but when we forget to buy some thing,it's not reporting.Then, when we are shopping the baby hippo is disturbing. ​ Go well

Good game , I gave it 5 stars . Becuase it said for me : if you like to play with me , give my 5 stars . I don't like it so much . But I need to see what is after than the super market ? Works perfectly

hi i m 6 years old i open my tab rate the game i like this game he has a educational 5 star

It is really good you get to learn how to count money it is just the adverts they are not appropriate for the younger ones Great!

This game is so awesome and I can't wait to play it and you guys that commented is Awssssome! Cool

This is an excellent game I have ever playe.but a complaint is: When we not buy something that is not in the list,the baby hippo buys it and we lose the score.please do something to this problem. Keep it up Not bad

I hate u much. I have to rate 5 stars because it was irritating. The message Cool

It was really fun for me and my cousin to play because it was nice and this is a great game Recommend

Good game for kids. I also enjoyed to play this game..... U must download this game for your kids and brothers....... Worth a go!

Nice game for kids. I had downloaded this game for my brother who is 4 years old. He always play this game whenever i open my tab he use to play this game only no other games he play in the tab and whenever my mother goes for shopping he also goes and if he had seen bucket, lemon etc he use to tell that mama mama it is shown in kids shopping game also. I also use to play this game ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Must have

My baby brother loves this game he so cute probably cuter than anybody in the world Just wow

Game is fine and my kid enjoys it but the advertising should be vetted more closely. Some are for games with zombies and other scary/ violent images. Too scary for such young users. Just wow

You get to buy the stuff she tells you to buy. And that is stupid. But I still like it alot. Good

It is a good game and l think all kids have to play this game and we learn about addition Brilliant

I like this game very much and my little sister also like it very much this is the best game I had ever seen Just wow

My daughter loves it(5yrs), but at the same time, she will give up playing, because of too many adds in her way while playing she says! And I agree. Fabulous!

Cid of fun and Cid of babyish. And me and my friend said that wen the baby grabs the rong stuff it is not fun. love it

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