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This game is fine but if their would be levels and not repeatation then i would give❤❤❤❤❤ Omg

First it,s not my account it's my father's account this game is alright but not very good less the money of ingredients and after buying the items we also want to cook the items so please add it then it will more fun so please............ Add this idea in this game and once again make this game please........................... Add this idea  Surprisingly

On one of the payments it cost £147.65 but the money it gave was £320.02. Please sort it out as young children need to learn and how can they learn with the wrong amount of money Sooo bored done everything Go well

It's a great game to play and you can have lots of fun too. Interesting and such a lovely games. I enjoyed playing this game. Works great

Name of the kids. Aaliya Galib Shaikh today and tomorrow morning and afternoon tea and coffee making a difference in the morning and evening meals and snacks and drinks and answers from a different post to show you how to make chiken ha ha teaching and The rest of the new year to class Good

It is very good I like this because I have fun I love it I was waiting for one thing that's your game will be famous Perfect

This game have to get the chance of getting the awards and Oscar Awards. I love this game and all of you should download this game and play this game forever all the time and don't leave this chance and download this game and thanks for reading my review and thank you. Thank you for reading my review and and please download immediately this game superb game and have to give the Oscar award Vijay Awards thank you. 5 star

وای مامان این چقدمزخرررررف متاسفم برات خیلی کثافت هستین Fabulous!

My cuz she love this game so muck she say i am going to. Work at store like her mom Must have

It is not a joke, it's a real moves to exchange money to others and susuklian mo Ito ng mga coins!!!!!!! Please rate it 5 stars!!! Not bad

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