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Genuine good app, I've download lots of super hero app bt no app has collection like this , luv it, 10 ⭐ for this. Thankuuu Recommend

Awesome app...add more pics..and u should try out for other wwe and football players..etc.... Perfect!

Lots of cool pics needs sub folders as in movie pics/emblems/comic book couldn't find black and red superman as seen on download screen don't know why but want it major bad that's why 4 stars but definitely worth downloading Perfect

I love the app but instead of just one superhero pic you should put like a hole bunch . example in stead of just joker you could put most x-men in one wallpaper. P.S BEST APP EVER! love it

Nice app with expected wallpapers and graphics quality of all wallpapers are good but not the best if you want Thor wallpapers for an example you should search it in avengers,ironman,and other unexpected titles so this is the most big drawback of this app Flawless

Its great its got all kinds of hero's like Ben ten and assassins creed didn't see that coming Fabulous!

Sufficient wallpapers present in this app but some wallpapers are not in category of good quality. Ads becomes a headache. Works perfectly

Good app n pics, could always use more pics of the HULK N the Agents of Smash!! " Fantastic

Good wallpapers but most of them are for desktop.. we need more for smart phones Great!

Good selection of Marvel and DC heroes. Little of any other publisher. Mostly recent pics and movies tie-ins. Omg

I'm always looking for good comic-centric wallpapers. Nice app you've got here. Go well

This is the best app of wallpapers of superhero In this there is every wallpaper of male or female superhero and...... In this app there is also wallpapers of villan ...........This app is best app Worth a go!

I love this outfit please guy says subletting and Skip after you use the first time Recommend

Hey dev.... Please check Ultron wallpaper folder...It contains Pokemon wallpaper that too of only Mystique's.... Please change it Enjoy it!

I love it They just need more female superheroes, like spider gwen and spider girl Good

Great Wallpapers all your favorite super heroes​for you to download what more can you asked for Worth it!

This is the best app for wallpapers you must use it for once then you will love this app Must have

It is one of the best app that provides one of the best super hero wallpaper collection. Awesome

Overall really good. One thing is that they have to many ad's. Either than that Amazing!

Love the Assassin's Creed wallpapers. Please add some Assassin's Creed : Syndicate wallpapers Muito bom!

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