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This is a good and someone's dream is to be a doctor they can be a good doctor wow lol

This game is not as bad as I pictured it would Enjoy it!

i love to be doctor and i found the game i want to play because i love to play game like this game Muito bom!

It would be great if they all was same problems like on every app how many times do you have use the same injures over and over boring Amazing!

It's ok but I can't go further than level 3 what's with the mini games on level 4 I can't get past them! Pretty good

My cat likes it and myom so this better be good notice that I am a kid so beware3 Awesome

I love its so much ❤ Fantastic

Just Dance Rehearsals I was just thinking about you and I should be home by the end up with the question is what I was wanting a good night I'm don't talk y y u don't talk to any other guys no I don't think so even if we did make up it would tutu for the first time for the kids for Monday and Wednesday off the phone with you guys doing anything for the day before yesterday and today my phone is acting funny to see the movie is that a yes or no cause I'm not rushing I'm tired n it's gonna be forever in I yt iitttyu just wondering what happened last night and had to know that I'm not in the Worth it!

I love this game because it's fantastic. and at the End we want to make their necklace Perfect!

VOLUME volume keeps stopping in the game it's repeating repeating repeating the same thing over and over and it doesn't stop I have to keep exiting out the game and then after restart the game that needs to be fixed in the app or am I able to play the app very irritating so how can the problem be fixed as the game not playing Highly Recommend.

Love it but is there only 6 levels has I've completed level but can't go any further why? Perfect!

Fix your controls don't take off there shirt leave it on Catch me outside how brought that Not bad

It's pretty fun! Although, Maine you should make the levels free and you can only unlock them by completing the level before it. Other than that it was pretty swell... Loved the mini games PS I learned a lot playing that game Pretty good

I'm so mad because I'm on level 6 and it's not not even just soooooooooooooooooo mad Worth it!

Its nice. What a nice game.we can give treatement for super heroes.but it have only six levels. Worth a go!

I do not like surgery but if if it helps the person to live and not die I will do what it takes OMG I love the game it is so fun but none of it is like OT but it's like Flawless

I hate you Hater's You people are playing it wrong and there is more than five levels I'm on level twenty and so if you like me I mean like what I write here plz give me a thumbs up and plz download this gamr Brilliant

It is the best game ever I love this game it is wonderfull and i feel like a doctor if you dont like it to bad i love it and love it vert much. Merry Christmas everyone. love it

Get it I will tell you why You should get it because if you like superheros then get it if you want to be a doctor when you grow up then get it so I would recommend to get it thank you for your patience Worth it!

U loved it It's very easy to use and the main thing is that children's are more like yes we will be an Er doctor Pretty good

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