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This app helped get rid of the junk files in no time and it cooled it down almost immediately Perfect!

They saved me!!! I TRULY knew I had a virus masking itself as unisef. It kicked in to let me know. Thank you Muito bom!

It is a very good app and it works very well for cleaning the errors in the mobile please all of you download this beautiful app and use it --------------();:. Omg

I'm the testing engineer in the feild and everybody knows my tsting tactics is brutal on a phone I started testing on Microsoft phones 3 1/2 years ago now I'm testing and writing code that I'm sending in on my own time schedule ,,,. But for now I'm keeping my stuff a secret and out of the internet from others in my way of protection and planning on all of what I do and with hand writing Java script code and date,time documentation on everything so get ready to hear the end truth of what I interpret and find Not bad

Fast cleaning of junk files and does a 50% + boost as it claims so far so good . Muito bom!

Well there is too many cleaning apps infiltrating my phone but I do like this one Must have

I wish all this crap could be eliminated. It is preventing me from using my phone even now. I keep getting all these screens that won't go away. I can't get to the Internet Great!

I got recommend this app cause my phone gets a lot of viruses and this helped a lot but the ads are annoying Omg

Really helped me with charging my battery. Had issues with it but after this app everything is going more smoother. Ty Worth a go!

I wish superb cleaner doesn't endorse many ads popping out because when i play a game, the ad just pops up and interupts Pretty good

Awesome app. It not only boost your phone and memory however it has a unique feature to lock any App with App Lock. Really cool. 5 stars. Works great

خداشاهده ۵ستاره خیلی بابت سودمندبودن و کارایی این چنین برنامه ای کم هستش باور کنید از تمام جهات رودستش پیدا نخواهد شد ممنون از سازنده فهیم ودانا خدا قوت. Not bad

I think it works great. Thanks. Keep up good work. How long does the cleaner. Sysyeon? love it

Nice from princGood Night Just wow

The reason why I got this app is because when I open my chrome browser, it said that I most upgrade or update my genetic, genetic Android phone or it will lock in 1 day. I got this app because it says it is a necessary for all Android Smartphones to have it. I have nothing good to say about this app. I already have cleaning apps already. So I just give you 5 stars just for looking out and caring for Android phones to be safe and better. Worth it!

Superb but curious why it keeps on coming back! Just dont understand! But anyway many tks! Cool

Good for cleaning and cooling. Tired of most of my sleep screen being taken up by it. Dont mind the ads...its free. Hate them on my home screen. Fabulous!

awesome i recomed this app over any other cleaning app 1 click and its done Not bad

on my other phone. this apps can download (not from playstore) & install by it self. i suspect. virus or malware from third party love it

I, have a android cell phone, not a computer nor tablet neither laptop battery. Therefore this app doesn't work for me. Pretty good

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