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Fantastic Best golf game on the store by far!! I was getting so bored of the everyday 8 ball and there are hardly any good games on the store! This game on the other hand is awesome and is a great challenge for me :)

Super stickman golf review This game is great. Let me start by saying I like to golf but even if i didn't this game would be fun. Has a variety of courses and keeps track of highscores. This provides for more entertainment when all the courses are beat. I love trying to improve my score when I have time to kill. I definitely recommend this game, especially sinse it is free to play.

Super Stickman Love the game. So much better than other golf games. More challenging and it's addictive. Like the variety of challenges.

Its the perfect phone game and works very well. Superb!

Angry birds for the golf fan. Cool

One of the best free games you can get for your phone. Pretty good

Notification bar ads. Magnific

Force closes every single time on the evo shift. Faulty

Gets frustrating Certain achievements are very difficult, even in 'beginner' levels, and the feature that used to let you earn extra bux by watching an ad doesn't seem to work any more. A game loses its fun if I spend an hour just trying to do ONE thing Not bad

Great game, good physics I've wasted sooooooo much time on this game. It's great level design, fun physics, worth trying! wow lol

Close to perfect Fun game. Hard and one must restart a whole course if you have one bad hole. Plan on doing the first hole of each course dozens and dozens of times. Not worth paying for something that repetitious. Awesome

awesome game! very addictive. makes you want to get every achievement, every clear ball and every gold star in every level - brilliant! the physics is believable; there are no impossible shots. only two things that i didn't like was how boring some courses looked (artistically) and the unskippable course previews (camera pan at the start of every course; but that is fixed in SSG2). Enjoy it!

Good one This game is pretty good , but graphics is bad , hence play super stickmen golf 2 Perfect

Great...but a bit rough around the edges complexity with simplicity. love the game. Gripes (1) Way too many clicks to get from practice tee to the campaign. (2) Back button doesn't do anything when game is on pause. Either remove it or have the menu go away upon press. (3) completion of a coarse always takes the player back to the beginning without the option to goto the next coarse or anything. (4) The really long wait from when the hole is first shown to the first swing is very annoying. Can not be clicked past unfortnatly... Amazing!

Unreal This is absolutely the silliest, most addictive game I've played. Can't believe how much I run the battery down playing this. Surprisingly

Bad update After update its not good as before. I don't want to uninstall so made it better. I will give 5 stars Superb!

Love it big time Terrific game its flawless in every way and its totally addictive anyone will enjoy this game. Must have

Addictive casual game I look forward to have to ait for a long time now. Bye bye boring times! Very simple game with lots of new content every time I play it. Thanks a lot! Go well

LOVE THESE GAMES I have this game installed on both my phone and tablet. Just hate the way the achievements have changed and u no longer get any for doing well on the first course "parkland". Other than that I have no complaints. Its a great little game and a definite must have among a gamers list. Also really loving the second addition to the series. Keep up the good work and im looking forward to seeing a stickman golf 3 Works great

Best minigolf game Really fun easy to pick up and play difficulty increases in increments very well done Fantastic

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