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Jun 26, 2017

I'm disappointed. Miyamoto said in an interview on vox that this game had no in app purchases. I found the pay wall at world two which COUNTS as an IN APP PURCHASE! If you were going to lie, you may as well have made the game five dollars. Pretty good

Jun 26, 2017

Bought the game but please add an offline mode!! I give it the kids to play when I need them to settle down at the Dr office or somewhere and it won't play if it can't get a signal ! Very annoying since I payed the 10 bucks! Surprisingly

Jun 26, 2017

Its realy good im glad nintendo came out with a mobile version of mario bros for people who cant aford a wii actualy really fun kills lots and lots and lots of time i wish it would work off wifi though Well done!!

Jun 26, 2017

I have not purchased the full version of the game (yet). Only 4 levels are available for free but there are 3 challenges for each with progressively more difficult coins to grab in different locations and there are many variations of each course in toad rally. Overall there is probably an hour or two worth of gameplay available for free even for casual players and more to be had if you're a bit competitive and want to try Toad Rally or of you want to support the developer with a laughably small $10 purchase. Other games offer much less content for much more money through micro transactions and they dominate the play store with 4-5 star reviews. Please don't listen to the reviews from people who are ruining gaming by supporting games with micro transactions and complaining about having to pay for a substantial amount of content. Play it. Buy it. Rate it fairly and keep in mind this is less than you spend on a movie ticket. Recommend

Jun 26, 2017

It's a good game, a little different to traditional mario but not in a bad way. Online competitive is a fun way to challenge yourself. Only problem is you get 5 levels, if you want the other 5 worlds you have to pay which is really dumb. Load screens take forever just to exit one menu to the other and gameplay is very linear, once you do it 3/4 times it gets quite boring, very repetitive. Worth it!

Jun 26, 2017

Well, I like it, but it can be better. When I start it, it sometimes doesn't work. It's says "Nintendo" like normal, and then it stays at a completely red screen. That's a bug that has to be fixed! The full version can be less than ten dollars, and you should have more than four levels without the full version. I like toad rally. You should have more characters than Mario and blue yoshi. I still haven't purchased it. Great game, but it can be better. Go well


Right now I am saying "FAK U NINTENDO 4 MAKIN UZ WAIT FR DIS"!!! Not really happy about having to wait 3 MONTHS after this came on crappy iOS but apart from that, this game is EPIC! Very frustrating but fun! The toad rally is too easy as I get about 500 points and the person I am against always gets less than 10. I mean... What! Good game, Nintendo! Fabulous!


It's annoying that it won't let anyone continue past the first world without making a purchase, effectively ruining the game unless a player pays. I had fun on the first world, though. Run, jump, collect coins, play against others, built up a mushroom village thing. Great job


I really like this game Not bad


I loved this and have already beaten this like a month,month and a half ago and REALLY wish I could open up more of the kingdom now &/or be able to do something else...I had been playing online more...versing people ever since i had beaten this game.Js I love it and would love to play EVEN MORE❤❤& yes I paid to unlock the other levels as well ..but its still was a pretty good game once u get the hang of it Works perfectly


Pretty good game quite addictive until you have completed the demo. You then pay £10 to unlock the rest which is annoying for children who can't do that. Also WHY IS THIS GAME NOT OFFLINE?!?! And why isn't Luigi unlockable in the demo? Great job


I bought this game. Really enjoyed it but have now finished it. The daily rally is fun but the levels are all the same at this stage. Some new events or special worlds might keep it a bit more interesting. Surprisingly


Great start. I am disappointed that there are no water levels. Also there needs to be expansion. I crushed the game in days. Also some newer features, like create your own shareable levels would be cool! Amazing!


Not worth paying $10 on a phone game. The first couple of levels are fine, but the whole game is for $10?! No thanks. If it was $2-3, I'd reconsider. But it's such a small game with very few levels, IMO. I prefer video games or phone games anyway, so I'll wait for Odyssey once I get a Switch. Works perfectly


Pretty good game yall should make a pikmin game kind of like Mario run where you collect them and Pokemon go where u walk around and travel to find new pi km in colors and types and ship parts and face enemies. Just wow


Easy enough to not be frustrating. Challenging enough to be fun. A great new way to play an updated version of Mario with a good nod to the classic. Anyone growing up playing NES/SNES or N64 should have fun with this as should younger, newer Mario fans. Must have


I don't get why people don't like the game, other than the $10 buy-in price, after the first 3/24 levels. Petty nintendo..petty. But I didn't expect it to be like the originals that much, it's called "RUN".. I love the game play, strategic yet simple. Graphics are great. Controls are cool. The rest is just ravishing. Superb!


Such a Lovely Classic, its Worth 10 dollars, a must buy, i would love to buy any game of Mario franchise comming here on Android. All Nintendo fans gonna love it, u would get used to controls which are intelligently designed i. E auto run, pause buttons etc, just dont listen to any Moron, i am a hard core ganer since my school time and i approve it, its truly worth the PRICE. Pretty good


The Tour mode is great with very varied gameplay and collecting all the special coins is very challenging. It'll keep you occupied for many hours. The Toad rally could have been done better though, it becomes tedious playing the same levels over and over again to unlock the characters and the items you want. It gives a reason to keep playing the game, just wish it wasn't so repetitive. And you also need a constant Internet connection to play, wish is really stupid for a mostly single player game. And the game crashed on multiple occasions, although it happened only after completing a level so there wasn't any lost progress. Go well


It's really awesome! It's not worth $10 bucks though(even though I bought it lol) At least add more content please if you're gonna make it $10. Now maybe a Legend of Zelda app...? Nintendo, please. XD Perfect!

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