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Aug 24, 2017

I love this game, the controls are different than the Mario games we know and love. Mario consistently moves forward for you and while at first it was frustrating, I ended up enjoying the challenge it gave me while collecting the special coins. The free version is pretty short if you're not interested in completing the coin challenges but that is the point of Mario games like this. I ended up buying the complete game which was well worth it. 5 star

Aug 24, 2017

I love Mario! This game is cool in that Mario is always moving forward. I can see why some people might not like it but I love the controls and the gameplay. Honestly I'll probably wait for a sale as $9.99 is pretty steep in a world where the most I've ever paid for a game is $.99! I would definitely pay $4.99 so come on Nintendo, lets make it happen! Over all, it's a big 4 stars from me! Awesome

Aug 24, 2017

It's fine on mobile but can't open on my tablet. It starts loading and then crashes and goes straight to the home screen. Also, would be better if a few more levels were unlocked as then you are able to see if you would enjoy the game a bit better Go well

Aug 24, 2017

Great game but I don't understand why the runs against other people aren't real-time?? And because of this how does it calculate what their score will be? This would be an amazing game and a definite 5 stars if the runs and friendly runs were real-time. It just doesn't feel like im competing against anyone when they're not actually playing.... I think because of this I won't buy the full version wow lol

Aug 24, 2017

It's pay to play but not pay to play? Basically what your getting is a great gameplay experience and, on top of that, a demo for a full game. The game's pretty cheap too. My only gripe is the collect-athon aspect to access the first castle for free. Its far too easy, especially since the game in and of itself is pretty simple to control. On that topic, the controls are fantastic and simple. It's just some blind taps and timing. Go well

Aug 24, 2017

The main game is too short and the replay value is only collecting color coins. Also too much rng in toad rally. And the only way to collect toad is beating their levels and that makes collecting purple toad take horribly long. With the rng ghost and barely and way to tricks it's too slow. Perfect!


Finally, a challenging game that isn't pay - to - win. I'll gladly pay $9.99 if it means it unlocks a great game. Even the free part is several hours of fun. I hope more games like this are developed. So sick of free pay - to - win games. It definitely captures that consistent Nintendo theme we've seen throughout the development of the Nintendo consoles. Feels very much like a version of Super Mario World, but its a runner. Please make more for android, Nintendo! Well done!!


There's so many bad things about this game that I've noticed over the course that I've been playing it. It was fun at first, but it all just went downhill from there. From unfair random courses in Bonus Game Houses, to impossible Toad Rally maps, this game has got it all. Why I still play this, I don't know. Worst $10 I've ever spent. I feel like I've been cheated. Don't fall for it. Must have


I've played every game in the Mario series. This is a great Mario game, very fun and addictive. The $10 price tag is a little pricey, I think $5 would be fair. But you can tell they put a lot of work and pride into it. It takes a few months to unlock EVERYTHING also it always fun and competitive racing against others. Recommend


This game is great! I was addicted but i got a new phone and so i had to re download it and i logged in woth the same nintendo account as my other but its trying to make me pay for the app again and is telling me there are no payments to be restored. Im not paying £10 AGAIN 5 star


I like it the game alot but there are 2things wrong with it. 1 it requires strong wifi (does not work with weak wifi. 2 the price for the rest of the game can be shortened about 70% (the whole game is $10). Doing this will make this app my faverite Superb!


HEY NINTENDO! SOME PEOLE SAID THIS WAS A JOKE. I DIDNT TRUST THEM! Thank you very much. Im a 8 year old kid that loves Nintendo. Please make more stuff. I hope you think this is active. I love it! Thank you for giving me the last level in World 1. I dont care if its $10.00. 1 Month Later... I bought the game! Incredible! I beat all of the levels, have all of the characters, and toad rally is better! And again we all love you! Worth it!


Worth the $9.99. Anyone who can't understand how a mobile game could cost this much is just being dense (and cheap). The game is well and loaded with content. Multi-player mode, hidden coins, bonus games all reward continued play. Like the original SMB, it's a game that anyone can play and few can master. I'm sure that the people who are convinced that the game is "too easy" don't actually play video games and have no idea how to properly approach a Mario title. p.s. Download a survey app (e.g. Google Rewards) if you're honestly too cheap to pay the full $9.99 Good


This would be a great game if toad rally qasn't so god damn stupid. Like, I am not wasting 20 minutes trying to get toads. I spend enough time just playing each level and world, don't waste my time having me challenge others. I don't have the same amount of time as others to play and practice all day so if you could get rid of that, that'd be peachy and it'd be a great game. Works great


Ridiculous! Me and my pals were enjoying this game for about 25 minutes and after courageously beating bowser we found world 2 required a £9.99 fee. £9.99!!! This is the work of brexit I tell you UK economy this country is going to the dogs absolute joke... Get these immigrants OUT Great job


I'm amazed at how cheap these other reviewers are. If you pay the $10 to unlock the whole game you get 24 levels, and 3 challenges per level to collect certain items by following a more difficult, precise path to unlock new items to build up your kingdom. There's a fairly extensive collecting system involving the single player tour and "head-to-head" Toad Rally. I've enjoyed it enough to warrant the $10 easily. This is a nice, extremely polished game. Simple to play, but can be difficult to master. Timing is critical. If you're too cheap to pay $10 for several hours of entertainment, this is not the game for you. Great job


I'm disappointed. Miyamoto said in an interview on vox that this game had no in app purchases. I found the pay wall at world two which COUNTS as an IN APP PURCHASE! If you were going to lie, you may as well have made the game five dollars. Pretty good


Bought the game but please add an offline mode!! I give it the kids to play when I need them to settle down at the Dr office or somewhere and it won't play if it can't get a signal ! Very annoying since I payed the 10 bucks! Surprisingly


Its realy good im glad nintendo came out with a mobile version of mario bros for people who cant aford a wii actualy really fun kills lots and lots and lots of time i wish it would work off wifi though Well done!!


I have not purchased the full version of the game (yet). Only 4 levels are available for free but there are 3 challenges for each with progressively more difficult coins to grab in different locations and there are many variations of each course in toad rally. Overall there is probably an hour or two worth of gameplay available for free even for casual players and more to be had if you're a bit competitive and want to try Toad Rally or of you want to support the developer with a laughably small $10 purchase. Other games offer much less content for much more money through micro transactions and they dominate the play store with 4-5 star reviews. Please don't listen to the reviews from people who are ruining gaming by supporting games with micro transactions and complaining about having to pay for a substantial amount of content. Play it. Buy it. Rate it fairly and keep in mind this is less than you spend on a movie ticket. Recommend

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