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Apr 28, 2017

Ok so here it goes, I either want my money back or the game needs to be fixed. I haven't been able to play for over a week. I keep getting an error 804-5100 also make the game available offline!! I didn't spend $15 on this game to not be able to play it whenever wherever or at all. Such garbage that it's not even playable. Amazing!

Apr 28, 2017

At first, I was skeptical as a long time fan of Nintendo. But I gave the game a try, and I got addicted to the Toad Rally mode as I'm sure they intended. I enjoy customizing my own Mushroom Kingdom and unlocking new characters to use in levels and the Toad Rally mode. Overall, a refreshing take on a classic game. I'd recommend anyone buy the full game, casuals and gamers alike. Well done!!

Apr 28, 2017

The only reason this game's ratings are doing so bad is because people keep complaining about spending $10. I did buy the game and I must say, I really enjoyed it's simple, yet crazy mechanics. This game should be rated higher and not just be around 3.5 stars, this game is so fun, it just seems to be that people can't just pay $10 to play, and all they end of doing is complaining about the game costing money. Don't rate the game badly just for costing money, that's just so dumb. love it

Apr 28, 2017

I was pleasantly surprised at how great the game is. People complain about it being boring....If that's the case they better not have flappy bird on their phone. I think the game play is simple, fun, and addicting. The graphics and storyline are great and it has a classic touch. Lastly I think buying it up front was great and well worth it. As much as other games require purchasing on a regular basis to advance, this app is a one and done. And for the price it was great. Fabulous!

Apr 28, 2017

This game is underrated. While it may not be quite as good as the Mario games we have become used to and love their is still a lot of fun to be had here. The fact that Mario is constantly moving adds a lot of challenge to the game if your timing isn't perfect then you have to play the whole level all over again. With the combination of wall jumping and him constantly moving it makes this game challenging and I find myself replaying levels over and over trying to perfect my score. If you are the type of person who plays Mario games casually and doesn't try to collect everything in the level then you probably won't enjoy this game that much. That being said if you are the person who likes to play levels over and over again trying to perfect yourself then this is a great game for you. Awesome

Apr 28, 2017

Meh. I expected more. Can't hate on it that much because of the brilliant simplicity and pleasing visuals, but think this would have served better as a free scroller game with some adds like flappy wings. At least then Nintendo could sap money out of big business rather than milking 10 bucks out of the working man for the other 40 minutes worth of play time. Maybe I'm just sour because I got bored fast. Must have


I would like new updates or items since the game is very limited. Also, the limit of 9999 toads causes confusion for people who are trying to get the Luigi statue that requires 2500 green toads. I had to lose on purpose in toad rally to decrease my total toads and get 2500 green toads. I keep getting connection issues notification but the game works fine. The last black special course is frustrating.. not fun. Regardless, I would pay for the game. Just wish there was more. Works great


The game is awesome and the graphics are amazing. I love the super easy gameplay and unlockable characters. What makes me dislike this game and will probably delete it soon is being forced to pay 10 dollars to buy the game. In smartphone gaming world that is an outrageous price. We should be able to still play and unlock levels just like any other freemium type game. I will probably delete this game soon unless I can unlock more levels and work my up. Great!


Good game, awful pay-wall. Why can't I unlock levels? At least allow progression if (x) amount of black coins are collected or something! Other than that the game is pretty good! Great visuals and easy controls as you would expect from a Nintendo game. Plenty of things to do as well keep you coming back. Overall a solid game and very promising. Cool


I really wanted to like Super Mario Run, but something about it falls short. Much of the game is centered around grinding competitive toad runs for more Toads. At the end of the day this really just allows you to buy more trees and houses. While the game was entertaining for me during the first few levels, it starts to feel like a grind and doesn't maintain offer enough gameplay to make the $10.00 feel worth it. Great job


People saying this game is short must not have bothered collecting the coins. This is what makes the levels and controls interesting. Each level has three sets of five coins to collect. They are progressively more difficult to collect and usually result in changes to the level design. Collecting all the coins is a good challenge and even opens up three new challenge levels each with their own sets of coins. So, there are 27 unique levels with a total of 375 coins to collect. This is not a short game. Not bad


Good game. Generally not too hard, unless you're going for the green coins, which in my opinion are placed a bit unfairly. Cough cough 1-3. I intend to buy the full version soon. I love that there's no ads even in the free version. My only complaint is that the level count is a little low... Hopefully more will be added (as an update, not bundles of 3 for a few bucks) love it


Pretty good game so far, controls, graphics, music and sound are what you would expect from a Mario game. The only thing I wish Nintendo could've done with this was add a free roam/ movement controls, instead of making the game a typical runner. Other than that, the game is quite fun and there is lots to do to satisfy the Mario fan. Well worth the one time $9.99 price tag to enjoy the full game experience. Great to see Nintendo on Android. Worth it!


Such a tease! 2017-Mar-26: As a decades-old fan from the NES-era, I love playing the Mario series. This is a good game for its free version (play as Mario; unlock Red Toad and Blue Yoshi. Win red, blue and green toads in Toad Rally), giving you just enough of a tease to want to shell out $10 for the unlocked version. Still cheaper than what I paid for Super Mario Bros 3 when it first came out, or any Mario game for my 3DS. Though, Im not sure if it's worth it? Maybe for my kids ... 2017-Apr-04: Totally worth $10. So much more content. Brilliant


I'm addicted! I LOVE to play, great game! BUT, it's absolutely stupid that you can download the full game for free, but guess what, it's not the full game. At least make a DEMO version for free and make this version paid. There's no way I'm paying to play the rest of this game. I really do love to collect Toads in Toad Rally, until maybe you guys have a change of heart and give us the full game, or at least a demo. But until I can play it all, 3 stars. Just wow


Great Mario game on Android but price way too high. Don't like you can't turn back to get a coin you missed. Lower price to 4,99 and you will see how many more millions of people will buy. There are other very good alternative endless runners out there free or very cheap. Worth a go!


I would love to but this game but 10 bucks for 6 levels. No. I need at least 30 or more to pay for it. Good game for a basic tap type, the toad rush helps a lot to give you more stimulus. So either lower the price or have 30 plus levels and I'll purchase otherwise I'm just going to keep playing levels 1 till I forget about this game. Other people are cheap and won't pay regardless of how many levels you provide. So don't listen to them. 10 for a Mario game with good graphics and concept. This is not the Wii switch. Surprisingly


Good graphics and easy yet challenging game play. I do wish you could go back rather than always forward, to gather missed coins. I can understand the toad rally requiring internet, but would be nice if single player tour was able to be played offline; internet access is not always available. Price point is too high to unlock additional worlds especially given there are not going to be more added in the future, and you only get five more worlds beyond the first free world. I can not justify $10 for what it is. $5 probably, but definitely not $10. Brilliant


Updated : it seems everything is working as should now so I will change my previous 1 star rating. Thanks for support. What can ya say? It's Mario. A little simplistic on the control design, but it was intended. Graphics are great, gameplay is smooth. If you're looking for a quick fix of fun for a few moments, this works. If you're looking for hours and hours of gameplay fun in a single session, you prolly need to look elsewhere. Recommend


Amazing! Finally happy to play Marion once again. Good graphics and good mind strategies. Well done! But i mean i stopped playing bc its mostly online and its limited. If u could make it offline and more levels. Ill buy the full pack Enjoy it!

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