Dec 16, 2016

Super Mario Run made a bigger success 'Super Mario Run' Beat 'Pokémon GO' In Day One Downloads With A Massive Total. forbes said that. Super Mario Run saw 2,850,000 downloads on day one, as compared to Pokémon GO, which saw 900,000 downloads on day one.
Previously, "Pokemon Go" is the App Store in the history of the first week of the best games. Industry analysts estimate that "Pokemon Go" posted $ 160 million in revenue in the first month. However, "Pokemon Go" initially only in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Japan, four countries launched, and "Super Mario Parkour" in the world's 151 countries at the same time shelves, Apple has a strong promotion. Variety reported that other data sources showed "Super Mario Parkour" on the first day or has been downloaded 5 million times, the application income of more than 5 million US dollars.