Dec 16, 2016

Super Mario Run hints
Hint 1:Super mario run can be played with just one hand!
Hint 2: The longer you touch the screen, the higher you will jump!
Hint 3: if you tap while jmping, you will do a spin in midair.
Hint 4: You can automatically vault over samll enemies and obstacles.
Hint 5: If you jump while in midair and touching a wall, you will kick the wall and jump in the opposite direction.
Hint 6: You will automatically break your fall with a roll if you are falling from a great height.
Hint 7: While rolling after breaking your fall, you can defeat enemies that can be stomped!
Hint 8: Tap the screen while vaulting an enemy to do a vaulting jump!
Hint 9: You can activate a switch by landing on it or by jumping while vaulting it
Hint 10: A lot of great things will happen if you link to a Nintendo account.
Hint 11: Check out moves and controls in Tips And Tricks in the Album.