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I like I like because this is super job I like because a Super Jump boy super game super Flawless

I love it very much Well done!!

Graphics I don't like so much but it's easy game to play. Why there are so many ads I can't remove also Recommend

The graphics are amazing in every which way amd its fun and addictive and its a great whay to release all the negative energy out Fabulous!

Managed to get the most from their first two games and I think that is a very important part of bodyguards to the UK's largest independent of bodyguards and the most important to us that we have been Good

Big mario fan, i downloaded this one. Slow on nexus 5s, and surely, the main character looks so sad you can kill yourself. I go back to my lep's world whose hearts were charging making me dwl this in between Go well

When I play this game the Ads is in the way with the controls the Ads needs to be not at the bottom were the controls are if your can fix the problem I will be glad to give 5 stars Works great

Really enjoy this game very addicived but love it wish you would make more levels wow lol

It is a good version of the Super Mario Bros. series, but nothing beats the original. Go well

It's really cool it's a Time Pastor it's really good and it doesn't take too much time and if you have no other games that we can download this one cuz then having that much gigabytes or and be so that's really good and also you can download it from any store even iOS that's also good thank you Flawless

Somthing is definitely wrong in the 4th house at level 19.i tried hard to complete the level but every time i only wasted my time. Highly Recommend.

I Think its a good game for when you are bored and its really fun to play for when you are bored Great!

This is very active game because we have to collect coins in it and kill our enemies also it pass my free time it don't have to much ads in that game play it nice it's my adventure game wow Amazing!

This is very active game because we have to collect coins in it and kill our enemies also funny game no to much ads in that game play it nice it's my wow adventure game wow lol

The graphics are ok but it's a lot of fun and there are a lot of worlds/levels to play. It is a really fun game!!! Superb!

Cant think of anything wrong with this game. Maybe the expenses of power ups, but nah. Great work! Works perfectly

The game is good, but the ads, esp. the one that stay on the screen, ruins the fun completely. It makes the playing difficult since one just can't see whats below. It would be better if that ad is removed, there are already too many ads to ignore and this one is just too irritating. Perfect

I think that this game is very very fun and nice makes us not want to stop playing with it. Cool

I like the game it's okay, fun to play. It reminds me of old school games I loved when I was a kid ! Omg

am veru confused plzzzz help me level no 3, ka round no 5 kese complete hoga koi flag hi nhi he plzz help me Not bad

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