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When I go to network battle its says an error occured wlan switch is of but my wifi network is full !!! Tell me how to play multiplayer and on hoc mode on android???plz Pretty good

It keeps crashing ever time I go ssj4 goku please fix it but other than that it is an good game Recommend

I love the game amazing port but i could seriously do without the ads every time you do something Perfect

Like the game but how do I turn the WLAN on? I have wifi and the settings doesn't help would really like to fight people online Cool

Wow the best game of Dragon Ball I've ever seen! But pls remove the ads and pls fix the SFX so I can hear better but other than that, It's Great! Thank you! Worth a go!

Freakin great games got the controls down kinda quick the graphics are sick the only thing that kinda sucks is the sounds but other then that its dope af wow lol

Great game,its possible to finish chapter 4 :)..great controls and graphics. Kudos to ths maker Muito bom!

It is the best game but I am not getting shin buddakai another road 2 on play store how to download Worth it!

It's the best Dragon ball z and to transform it's Down and Circle and to get rid of those ads is to turn your wifi off Amazing!

Here's how to play. To transform, go to the character and press left/ right to select form. Then in battle, press down O with 4 bars of ki. To teleport, have 3 bars of ki and press toward X before getting hit. To teleport ATTACK launch your enemy and press R as fast as possible then spam R till its over. That all have fun. To stop adds just turn off WiFi. After a few minutes ittl work . Works great

Kinda wish it had a tutorial so we could understand the game a bit more oder then that its prety good Great!

Okay so i didnt believe this at all but oh my gosh its so much simpler than having to download a psp emulator. nice job. havent tested it yet Enjoy it!

I really love this game its great and the story mode is fantastic. The only thing i dont like is how i cant teleport!!! Its like the 2nd best thing in dragon ball z and i cant teleport!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Awesome

I love this game very much. But I have a problem . How to use a character's special technique Just wow

It's really awesome this is the same game my friend has in his psp and I used to beg him to allow me play with it but now time has changed Perfect

Amazing All i have to day is that this game is amazing. No bugs or issues for me. The gameplay was really good and the controls were easy to understand. Also the graphics were suprisingly good since its a dbz game for a phone :) i rate 5 stars Works perfectly

This is awesome!!! Saiyan no1 if u see this u should make a one with nee character but not like them other ones with proper character. Definitly should dowmload this game Recommend

Seriously, the adds popping up in the middle of a fight annoying doesn't even cover that. You got a solid start for a great DBZ game here, just fix some of the bugs. Works great

I love the game!!! The only that is a bother is the constant pop up ads! Especially during a fight! One of the best emulations I've seen, just please fix all the bugs you have and it'll be number one in no time Brilliant

Hated the ads. I went so far without saving then one ad showed up. I skipped it but then another ad showed up and froze my game. Great job

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