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Really works..!! This is awesome..! Acttually, i can't believe this app really working. I was use Samsung handheld. But this is work. Great apps. Good job for developer. Om telolet om..hehe.. Worth it!

Have only just started using it but, so far, it's doing a perfect job. I'll know more as time goes on, but I really hope it continues the way it is. Really like it. Highly Recommend.

This is a really well done app, it was exactly what I was looking for. So if you are looking for an app that makes your phone charge fast, this is the one. Muito bom!

Awesome App!, Finally! An app that does what it is supposed to. I am very impressed by it, and the Dev, and please keep up the GREAT WORK!! P. S. Thank U, again. Not bad

Totally love it! It does exactly what it says it does and with lightning speed. I give it five thumbs up...! It's the only app you need...! Great job

Why be so good? It's good I'm telling you don't uninstall this. it's pretty good better the the rest of the ones. Omg

Super Dooper charger Works GREAT !! If there's a better charger out there, I haven't found it yet. You won't be sorry for downloading this app... !!!! Go well

It does charge my tablets battery about 20% faster which is good. If it charged too fast I would worry the battery could be dsmaged. Just wow

Not bad for a application; I am happy that it works on Android Lollipop 5.0 My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 3,000 mha battery willowenator Great job

Seems great Havent had this too long yet, seems to be pretty good. Last couple times hasnt charged quite as fast, but no complaints Must have

It works great our phone was charging real slow. Now it works much better thank you Highly Recommend.

This app works very well. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Without using this app, my phone won't always fully charge overnight. Try it and you'll find it useful. Superb!

It's okay So far so good. I just downloaded this app to my husband phone and his phone is 100% from 40% which took only 30 mins. Now my phone it's taking a bit more time that's odd. Flawless

This made my battery charge 3 times faster super useful. Normal 0-100% in 2 hours 43 minutes. With this thingy on 0-100% in 1 hour 27 LOVED IT Works great


It was nice although it did not charge fast but it did save my battery when I used my phone Superb!

Amazing super fast I took phone of from charge I used it for 20 MINS and not even a percentage went down since I took it off charge it went up 40 percent in just 7 minutes LOVE IT!!!*** Well done!!

Just Say Very Good I Like This app. This App is very Good.It's work Like Rocket.THANKS STAR KINGS STUDIOE. Marvelous

Works great! Had to clear out some interference initially, residuals from all the trial apps that didn't make the cut. But then full speed ahead. Good job, guys! Just wow

Do not down load it. It is fake program. Did not do any thing from what it say . no speed charging or make battery long time . I make 4 star to be sure that every one can see my words. Bad program Must have

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